Hot Tub Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

As you learn more about the different types of spas and the numerous available features, you might begin to think that hot tub shopping is a potentially complex and stressful process. Rest assured that it doesn’t have to be! We know there’s a lot of (sometimes conflicting) information out there that can be difficult to sort through. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of “Dos and Don’ts”.

DO Buy a Hot Tub from a Local Dealership

A local dealer (like Recreation Unlimited) will have a showroom where you can see the hot tubs in person prior to purchase. They will have a hot tub specialist to guide you through the hot tub shopping process, step by step, answering your questions and making recommendations based on your unique needs. There should also be an experienced technician on staff who can service your hot tub and perform any necessary repairs down the road. For this reason, it’s important to choose a company that has been (and will be) around for quite a while.

DON’T Be too Quick to Click “Buy Now”

In this day and age you can purchase literally almost anything online – even hot tubs! But before you click “add to cart”, ask yourself a few questions. Do you know and trust the brand you’re purchasing and the warranty that’s included? And perhaps even more importantly: Do you know specifically WHO you’re buying from? As in, are they a reputable hot tub dealer with a brick and mortar store? Or can you even find details about the seller? If you have questions, can you call and actually speak to a staff member?

We won’t tell you not to purchase online. Hey, we even sell some premium inflatable hot tubs that we ship all over the country. What we will do is encourage you to do your research so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

DO Buy a Reputable Brand

An established manufacturer will stand behind their product and be able to provide you with replacement parts should you need them. When hot tub shopping, You’ll want to make sure the brands you’re considering when adhere to relevant 3rd party standards. Hot tubs by Cal Spas and Caldera, for example, are CEC (California Energy Commission) certified, as well as NSF certified, meaning they have undergone and passed rigorous product testing.

DON’T Get Hung Up On the Number of Jets

As we learned in our “Hot Tub Myth Busters” article, more jets does not automatically equate to a better hot tub. It’s the combination of pump strength, design, number, and placement of the jets that matters. What areas/muscle groups do you specifically want to target that will optimize your hydrotherapy experience? Is one pump sufficient or would you benefit more from a spa that has a dual pump system? These are questions a knowledgeable hot tub expert will be able to address for you.

DO Try Before You Buy

When shopping for a hot tub, ask if you can do a test soak or “wet test”. A reputable dealership will encourage you to try out the hot tub you are considering purchasing, or one very similar to it, because they want you to get the right tub for you.

DON’T Buy Based On Looks

It might be tempting to get sucked in by flashing lights and cascading waterfalls. While these are great features, they shouldn’t be your primary consideration. Make sure you get a chance to sit in the hot tub you are interested in, or at least a comparable seating in a model of the same brand.

DO Enjoy The Process!

You’re in the market for something that will bring countless hours of enjoyment and relaxation, so have fun learning about the different options available and ways to customize your spa. Your hot tub specialist should be primarily concerned with helping you find the right (and not just any) spa.

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