Manufacturer: Country Lane
Availability: Custom order

  • Comes standard with 10″ round columns made from solid wood
  • Features decorative post trim covers for a clean appearance
  • Ceiling features 1×6 tongue & groove boards, with mahogany stain

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Hampton Pavilion

The Hampton Pavilion is a modern design with clean lines and standard round posts. It’s made from #1 treated southern yellow pine and sleeved in high quality vinyl. The Hampton Pavilion is unique with 10″ round columns posts, arched headers trimmed with dental moldings, and beautiful mahogany 1” x 6″ tongue and groove boards on the ceiling.

The steep roof pitch of the Hampton Pavilion adds character, constructed with double 2×4 main rafters and covered with architectural asphalt shingles for a crisp, yet elegant feel.

Hampton Pavilion

Available Sizes

10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 20′
10 x 10 12 x 12 14 x 14 16 x 16 20 x 20
10 x 12 12 x 14 14 x 16 16 x 20 20 x 24
10 x 14 12 x 16 14 x 18 16 x 24 20 x 28
10 x 16 12 x 18 14 x 20 16 x 28 20 x 32
10 x 18 12 x 20 14 x 24 16 x 32 20 x 36
10 x 20 12 x 24 14 x 28 20 x 40

Vinyl Pavilion Color


Available Options

Large Cupola
Electrical Package

Standard Hampton Pavilion Features

The Hampton Pavilion is constructed with #1 grade treated southern yellow pine and sleeved in high quality vinyl. It comes standard with attractive 10″ round columns with solid wood posts inside.

Post Trim & Dental Molding


Roof Detail

Column Base
Anchor Brackets

Standard Shingles

(Architectural asphalt shingles standard on all pavilions)

(Optional) Rubber Shingles


(Optional) Metal Roofing


10 Year Limited Warranty

Country Lane’s 10 year Limited Warranty covers your pavilion from any manufacturing defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear. When used and maintained appropriately, Country Lane Woodworking guarantees that their products will remain structurally sound. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered under warranty. As with any building which is located on top of the ground, settling may occur. You also will need to periodically clean, paint, caulk and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of your outdoor building which will cut off ventilation.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only to the original location, unless the product was relocated by a County Lane Woodworking approved installer. Relocating the covered product by any other party will automatically invalidate the warranty.

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