Kingston Pergolas

Manufacturer: Country Lane
Availability: Custom order

  • Built from hand-selected all-natural cedar for beauty and superior durability
  • Solid 8×8 Cedar Posts
  • 6×12 Headers for Longer Spans
  • 2×3 purlins spaced close together provide maximum shade

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The Kingston pergola is definitely the king of pergolas. It’s massive design is sturdy and perfect for a large entertainment space. Country Lane’s biggest, beefiest pergola yet, the all-cedar Kingston pergola provides maximum shade, combined with rock-solid construction for a centerpiece that’s a real show-stopper! Available in sizes starting at 10×10, this pergola can be built to a massive 18×22 with only four posts.

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10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′
10 x 10 12 x 12 14 x 14 16 x 16 18 x 18
10 x 12 12 x 14 14 x 16 16 x 18 18 x 20
10 x 14 12 x 16 14 x 18 16 x 20 18 x 22
10 x 16 12 x 18 14 x 20 16 x 22 18 x 24*
10 x 18 12 x 20 14 x 22 16 x 24* 18 x 28*
10 x 20 12 x 22 14 x 24* 16 x 28* 18 x 32*
10 x 22 12 x 24* 14 x 28* 16 x 32* 18 x 36*
18 x 40*

* indicates 6 support posts required, instead of the standard 4 posts


Wood Pergola Stains

(All stains come with waterproofing)
Pergola Wood Stain Options

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Electrical Package

Standard Kingston Pergola Features

The Kingston Pergola is the beefy pergola you have been looking for. This all-cedar pergola stands on solid 8×8 cedar posts and includes large 4×10 braces for stability. The heavy duty headers are built with 6×12 beams and carry the 4×8 joists spaced 24” on center. The 2×3 purlins are spaced approximately 6” apart on center providing the perfect amount of shade to sit and enjoy a warm summer afternoon. Available sizes range from 10×10 up to 18×40. The Kingston pergola is available up to a massive 18×22 with only four posts.


10 Year Limited Warranty

Country Lane’s 10 year Limited Warranty covers your pergola from any manufacturing defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear. When used and maintained appropriately, Country Lane Woodworking guarantees that their products will remain structurally sound. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered under warranty. As with any building which is located on top of the ground, settling may occur. You also will need to periodically clean, paint, caulk and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of your outdoor building which will cut off ventilation.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only to the original location, unless the product was relocated by a County Lane Woodworking approved installer. Relocating the covered product by any other party will automatically invalidate the warranty.

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