What is a site evaluation?

A site evaluation is an in-person visual inspection conducted by a Recreation Unlimited crew member of the backyard or property area planned to house your new basketball court, hot tub, or outdoor structure.

Why is it important?

Installation of your new shed, hot tub, or basketball court should be an exciting day (and not a stressful one!). A site evaluation will ensure there are no unexpected surprises and that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible.

What do you look for during the evaluation?

The elements examined will vary slightly depending on the product to be installed, but the following are a few general items that will be considered during the site evaluation:

  • Is the ground level?
  • Is there enough room to ensure optimal enjoyment?
  • Are there any obstructions that will need to be removed?
  • Is the foundation suitable?
  • What other work will need to be done prior to installation?

We will also discuss ideal placement. You may already know exactly where you want your new hot tub or shed to go, but our customers often find it helpful to talk through alternative ideas they perhaps hadn’t considered, to find the best solution.

How much does a site evaluation cost?

That’s the best part – all site evaluation charges are applied to your product purchase!* Because proper site preparation is so critical to the installation process and longevity of your purchase, we’re happy to conduct site evaluations for all product categories. For further pricing details on site evaluations please give us a call at (317) 773-3545 to learn more and schedule your site evaluation today!

*Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for complete details.

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