Spa Satisfaction Sheet

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1. All spas must be paid for at the time of order and must be paid in full before order or delivery. If you cancel a special order spa you will be entitled to a refund minus a 20% fee. If you cancel an in-stock spa you will receive a full refund. There are no refunds within 48 hours of your scheduled installation or delivery. There are no returns after your spa is installed or delivered.

2. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain and pay for zoning and building permits if required by applicable laws, regulations or zoning, including but not limited to, the spa, fencing, screening, landscaping and electrical.
Delivery and Setup:*
1. Your installation date and time will be confirmed via phone by our spa tech one day prior to your scheduled installation date. The appointment will take about three hours and you must be home. You will be given a window of time for the arrival of the delivery crew. The delivery team will set the spa in place. They will remove all packaging and debris and they will place your hose in the hot tub to begin filling it with water. They will leave once the water is started and our spa concierge will arrive within about an hour. The spa concierge will wire the electrical into the spa, attach the cover lifter (if purchased), add chemicals and then train you on the controls and maintenance.
Access & Pad Requirements:*
1. All spas require 45" of clearance through gates, doors, between houses, side fences and around corners.

2. All debris or items blocking access to the setup location must be removed prior to the arrival of the delivery team. If we attempt to deliver your spa and discover that you have not met the clearance requirements, you will be charged a reasonable second delivery fee so you have time to correct the obstruction.

3. In some cases, a crane may be necessary for delivery. In this case, the customer will be responsible to arrange for crane service as well as the cost incurred.

4. All spas must be set on a solid foundation. We recommend a 4" thick concrete slab or a wood deck built to support 150 lbs. per square foot. All other foundations should be approved by a qualified contractor or engineer prior to use to insure safety and warranties.

5. By signing below, I understand that I, as the customer, am fully responsible for the foundation and clear access to the site.
Electrical Requirements:*
1. All spa packs require an isolated, dedicated circuit.

2. No extension cords can be used in the operation of the spa. Low voltage damage will occur which will not be covered by the warranty.

3. General Electrical Requirements: Your sales representative will provide you with the electrical requirements necessary for the model you purchased. The requirements must be followed. A licensed electrician is suggested for correct wiring.

4. By signing below I understand that Recreation Unlimited does not do any electrical and wiring due to building code restrictions. I understand that I will be responsible to obtain all necessary wiring and electrical.
Ownership of My Spa:*
There may come a time when your spa needs to be serviced. We are here to help! Your spa has a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor. As your dealer, we are your go-to experts for any spa concerns, issues, and services. We will always abide by the manufacturer’s warranty as outlined in the spa manual that is provided to you at the time of delivery or pick-up. Should you need service within the warranty period you will be charged a standard trip charge for the service, but will not be charged for any parts that are covered by the warranty. This charge is a discounted trip charge, as compared to our non-warrantied service charge. Mileage charges for further locations may also be charged. Should we arrive and the issue is determined to be caused by customer misuse or damage, the standard, a non-warrantied service charge will be charged. In order to be placed on the schedule for a service call, we will need a valid credit card placed on file. Your card will not be charged until the service is complete. Failure to pay for service charges may result in an inability for Recreation Unlimited to provide your spa with service in the future. *All service charges are reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis.