Woodplay Playset Satisfaction Sheet

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1. Your installation date will be scheduled by text message within 1-5 business days after your purchase. 1-2 business days prior to your installation date you will receive another text message with a time frame for your installation.*
2. You are required to be present or have another adult present during the scheduled installation date and time. You will need to indicate your preferred location of the playset at this time.*
3. Your playset includes a manufacturer's warranty. The details are on the back of the Woodplay catalog and are also on the Woodplay website. You will need your invoice if you have a warranty claim in the future. We do not keep your receipt on file for the purpose of a warranty claim. Your warranty does not cover normal splits, knots, checks and cracks in the wood. Your warranty covers structural soundness in the wood pieces.*
4. Your playset comes prestained from the factory. We recommend that you reseal/stain in a year and every year thereafter.*
5. Our crews will install your playset regardless of weather, unless the weather poses a safety risk for our employee(s). This means that installation will proceed as normal during rain and/or snow. This may cause the installation crew to track mud on the product or cause minor damage to the property surface. You can choose to cancel the installation or reschedule but we do not save installation spots for this purpose. The installation would be moved to the next available date. We ask that if you choose to reschedule you provide at least a 2 business days notice.*
6. Our installers can accommodate a small incline in the yard when installing. As a rule of thumb, we cannot accommodate an incline of more than 1" per foot. If your incline is greater than that, you will need to have landscaping preparations made to level the ground before our installation. (For an additional fee, we can schedule a site visit to advise on location and/or site preparation should you wish) .*
7. You are confirming that the details of the invoice are correct.*
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