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The X672 delivers big game performance on a regulation-size 72″ x 42″ backboard mounted on a rock-solid 6″ square pole system. With a heavy-gauge pole and Goalsetter’s exclusive ground-anchor system, this goal delivers an authentic, pro basketball experience with consistent rebound and exceptional play.

The Extreme X660 combines a 60″ x 38″ backboard with the 6″ square pole has just the right features for a great home-court basketball goal. The Goalsetter X660 basketball hoop provides big game features like rock-solid stability and consistent rebound at a price the modern family can afford.

The X560 is the #1 basketball hoop in our Extreme Series because it puts everybody in the game. This 60″ x 38″ in-ground basketball system placed on our 5″ square pole brings the game to your home court. It features a 3′ overhang for exciting play behind the backboard and our exclusive ground-anchor system for rock-solid stability.

The Extreme X554 is a perfect 54″ x 36″, mid-size basketball hoop set on a 5″ square pole, provides exceptional fun for the entire family. It offers the innovative features and unbeatable quality of a professional goal at a fraction of the cost.

The Extreme X454 features a 54″ x 36″ backboard attached to our 4″ straight pole is engineered to provide years of challenging play. With everything that makes it a Goalsetter — like the exclusive hinged ground-anchor system and superior corrosion resistance — the Extreme X454 provides plenty of value in a mid-size package. The X454 goal adjusts from 6′ 8″ to 10′.

Small in stature but mighty in play, this 48″ x 32″ system with a 4″ square pole is the perfect hoop for your beginner All-Star! Complete with a 2-1/2′ play area and a competition-grade tempered glass backboard, this basketball goal offers a great set of features for all skill levels, including adjustable height from 6′ 8″ to 10′ and consistent rebound.

Weight 535 lbs 515 lbs 430 lbs 400 lbs 300 lbs 285 lbs
Backboard Material Acrylic, Tempered Glass Acrylic, Tempered Glass Acrylic, Tempered Glass Acrylic, Tempered Glass Acrylic, Tempered Glass Tempered Glass
Overhang 4′ 4′ 3′ 3′ 2.5′ 2.5′
Glass Thickness - - - - - 3/8″
Pole Size 6″ x 6″ 6″ x 6″ 5″ x 5″ 5″ x 5″ 4″ x 4″ 4″ x 4″
Pole Thickness 7 Gauge 7 Gauge 7 Gauge 7 Gauge 11 Gauge 11 Gauge