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2by2 20′ High-Wall In-Ground Gaga Ball Pit

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From: $2,629.00 From: $1,899.00
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The 2by2 20′ High-Wall In-Ground Gaga Ball Pit has taller walls than our standard Gaga Pits and is ideal for older children.

  • Size: 20 feet x 20 feet
  • Recommended Ages: 5-12 years
  • Wall height: 32” tall with (2) 12” and (1) 8″ tall borders stacked
  • Capacity: 20-25 players
  • Material: Heavy plastic HDPE timbers
  • Includes (31) 12″ Black Border Timbers, (16) 8″ Black Border Timbers, (16) 42″ Custom Gaga Ball Steel or Flex Spikes, (2) 6” Border End Caps
  • Installation: In-ground
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Splinter-free material won’t harbor ticks, termites, or other insects
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The 2by2 20′ High-Wall In-Ground Gaga Ball Pit has extra tall 32″ sidewalls. The pit includes long, 42″ spikes that connect the border timber walls and anchor them to the ground. The high-wall model is available as in-ground mount only, and cannot be purchased as a portable model. Please note, when mounting the in-ground High-Wall Gaga Pit, the spike will always travel into the ground. Some accommodations may need to be made to assist the spike to travel through anything in the way (concrete, rubber flooring, asphalt, etc).

The high-wall in-ground 20′ Gaga Ball Pit can accommodate 20-25 players and is a great addition to any church, school, or neighborhood park. It’s sure to provide hours of active fun and is suitable for children ages 5 and up.

Heavy plastic HDPE border timbers ensure weather-resistant durability. The high-wall 20′ Gaga is versatile and can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Assembly is quick and easy, and everything you need is included:

  • (31) 12″ Black Border Timbers
  • (16) 8″ Black Border Timbers
  • (16) 42″ Custom Gaga Ball Steel or Flex Spikes
  • (2) 6” Border End Caps

The high walls of the Gaga pit are made by stacking two 12″ x 48″ border timbers with an 8″ x 48″ between them to create side walls that are 32″ tall. Custom Gaga Ball Steel or Flex Spikes are included to connect the panels to one another and secure the gaga pit to the ground. The entry is 20″ tall (the height of the 8″ panel stacked on one 12″ panel). Need to create an even, smooth playing surface? Add a rubber tile flooring kit to your GaGa Pit setup (sold separately). The rubber flooring is made with custom 5/8” thick, 100% NWR vulcanized rubber flooring interlocking tiles that are 48″x72″ each.

The 2by2 20′ High-Wall In-Ground Gaga Ball Pit comes with a ten-year limited warranty (with the exception of the flex spikes, which include a 5-year warranty). Questions about which Gaga pit is right for your school, church, or neighborhood park? Give us a call at (317) 773-3545. We look forward to serving you!

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Galvanized Steel Spikes vs. Flex Spikes
When selecting your Gaga Ball Pit, you have the option to choose between the traditional galvanized steel spikes or flex spikes. The flex spikes are made from impact-resistant nylon 66 polymer material that has been formulated to withstand hammer strikes.

Flex spikes are significantly lighter weight than their steel counterparts. They weigh only about 1/8th as much as steel spikes. This means they cost less to manufacture and ship, so we are able to pass these savings on to you. Flex spikes are made in the USA and are readily available for fast shipping.

Which type of spike is suitable for your installation will depend largely on the composition of the ground where it is to be installed. Flex spike tip: If the ground is too hard, or if you’re having difficulty driving the flex spike into a hard area, use a 5/8” or 3/4” drill bit to create up to a 12” deep “pilot hole” before driving in the spikes. The ground closest to the surface is often the hardest.

Flex Spike FAQ

Q: Are the Flex Spikes as strong, durable, and reliable as the steel spikes?
A: The surface you’re hitting the spikes into will, in part, determine that conclusion. Flex spikes are not universally accepted in all ground types. They have been field tested in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Oregon. These tests concluded that flex spikes can be used everywhere, but sometimes the ground (or what’s beneath it) can be impenetrable. For that reason, it’s important to know what your local ground is made of. Certain materials like bedrock, sandstone, and limestone won’t accept steel, either!

Q: Are Flex Spikes a good option for Gaga Pits?
A: Flex Spikes are a great choice for Gaga Pit installation. The flex spikes actually help the walls flex out a bit (without the spike breaking) when kids inevitably run into or lean against the walls. This creates a little bit of “give” to absorb the impact during play. And since flex spikes reduce the overall weight substantially, you’ll save both money AND potential back pain!

Q: Do Flex Spikes work with Gaga Pit Flooring Kits?
A: Yes! Flex spikes are able to travel through the rubber flooring material and into the ground.

Q: How long is the Flex Spike warranty?
A: Flex Spikes includes a 5-year limited warranty.



2by2 Industries


20-25 players


20 feet x 20 feet with 32" wall height


Extra-tall 32" side walls, in-ground install, indoor or outdoor use, interlocking panels are quick and easy to assemble


10 Year Limited Warranty