Pleatco Spa Cartridge Cleaning Tablets


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The Pleatco FilterWash™ Tablet is a fast acting, fizzing cleaning tablet that makes maintaining your spa’s filter a breeze. These specially formulated tablets deeply penetrate reusable spa filter cartridges to remove unwanted debris and buildup like oils, dirt, soap scum, and other organic materials.

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Cleaning your spa’s filter each month doesn’t have to be a hassle – let the Pleatco FilterWash™ Tablet do the work for you! These quick-action fizz tablets work to penetrate the folds of your spa’s filter cartridge so it can function properly. A thorough cleaning with a Pleatco FilterWash tablet allows cartridges to return to a high level of performance without damaging the filter. This increases the lifespan of the filter life as well.

1. Rinse any loose debris from the filter cartridge
2. Fill a bucket of water and place in one Pleatco FilterWash™ tablet
3. Submerge the cartridge and let it soak for 25 minutes for maximum results
4. Remove the cartridge, and spray with hose to clean off any excess debris

It is recommended to clean your hot tub’s filter once per month.

As an added bonus, the Pleatco FilterWash Tablets are 100% environmentally friendly, so you can dispose of the water in the yard without fear of contaminants.


  • Fast acting fizz tablet
  • No measuring
  • No messy chemicals
  • Removes body oils, suntan lotion and dirt
  • Safe and easy on the filtration fabric
  • Loosens debris from the fabric surface
  • 100% Environmentally friendly
  • Each Pleatco FilterWash™ tablet cleans up to two filter cartridges

Pleatco Spa Filterwash FAQs

How often should I clean my spa cartridge?
Most spa manufacturers recommend cleaning your hot tub’s filter once a month. With heavy use, you many want to clean the filter every 2 weeks. It is always a good practice to clean the filter after heavy use, such as a party.

Why is the cartridge not white after cleaning?
It’s important to remember that white does not indicate clean. Pleatco FilterWash does not use bleaching agents since they can damage the filtration fabric. Bleach tends to affect the color of the cartridge and does little to actually clean the media. Pleatco FilterWash releases the biofilm that holds the dirt and oils in the media. Releasing the film release the dirt reopening the media. Naturally, the filtration fabric may adopt discoloration over time. However Pleatco FilterWash’s thorough cleaning allows cartridges to return to a high level of original performance without harming or discoloring the filter.

Do Pleatco Tablets expire?
Pleatco FilterWash tablets are designed to be long-lasting; as long as the seal is intact and tablet is kept dry, there is no expiration date.

Can I soak the filter overnight?
For best results, the filter only needs to soak for a maximum of 25-30 minutes. However, if the filter is left soak for long periods of time (such as overnight), the cartridge will not be damaged by the solution.

My filter is heavily covered with dirt. Do I need to rinse it first before treatment?
Yes, always rinse off excess debris with a hose first and then carry out the cleaning process according to instructions above.

Can I only use Pleatco Filter Wash on Pleatco cartridges?
FilterWash™ cleans any reusable filter cartridge regardless of make or model.




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Additional Maintenance




Loosens and cleans all debris from filter surface


No measuring, no messy or dangerous filter cleaning chemicals

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