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  Seats 3 Adults

 5’8″ x 7′ x 2’8″

  2-3 Premium JetPak Seats

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The A5L is the most feature rich compact 2-3 person hot tub on the market today. It’s small enough for indoor, patio, and balcony installation, yet it is as comfortable and therapeutic as spas nearly twice its size. The A5L is a perfect hot tub for couples, empty nesters, singles, or the person that would like personal spa therapy without using too much space. The A5L features a comfortable premium lounge seat that includes massaging wrist, hamstring, and calf jets as well as your choice of up to 3 JetPaks for ultimate personalized relaxation.

Trim Package Quick Comparison



  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels​
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium JetPak count
  • Premium touch-screen control

A5L Plus

A5L Plus

  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels​
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium JetPak count
  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control

A5L Select

A5L Select

  • Select 2-tone cabinetry
  • Select Tungsten metallic jet bezels​
  • Select lighting under headrests​
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium JetPak count
  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control


Standard Dimensions 5’8″ x 7′ x 2’8″
Available Seats 3
Lounge Seats 1
Premium JetPak Seats 2-3
Water Capacity / Volume (Max Fill) 287 gal
Water Capacity / Volume (Fill Line) 202 gal
Dry Weight (includes cover) 639 lbs
Max Filled Weight (includes cover) 3035 lbs
2.5 HP/240V 2 Speed Pumps 1
Electrical Requirements 240V~30/50A
Heater (dual overheat protection) 4.0kW


Seating Capacity

3 Person

Seating Style

Bench Seating, Lounge Seating


Bullfrog Spas

Hot Tub Size

Less than 6'

JetPak Therapy System™

Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Therapy System™ includes up to 16 JetPak® massages that are unique and interchangeable, allowing you to fully customize your hot tub experience.

Choose your favorite massages and place them in your preferred seat. You can easily move them from seat to seat at any time, and even upgrade your spa with a new JetPak when your therapy needs change.

A Series JetPak® Options

Alleviate ST

DeepRelief ST

FibroTherapy CT

Gyrossage ST

Fusion CT

NeckEase NX

NeckPlus NX

Oscillator ST

Pulsator ST

Rain ST

Recover XT

Refresh XT

SpinalHealth ST

Trio ST

Versa CT

Wellness CT

Thoughtful Seating

All jet placements, seats, and layouts in the A Series have been thoughtfully designed to provide exceptional therapy experiences for a wide variety of people. This includes a carefully curated mix of seat depths, improved seating ergonomics, and jet alignment. They’ve also placed an emphasis on safe entry and exit, as well as enhanced premium seating close to auxiliary controls and cup holders. 

Simplicity® Filtration System

The Simplicity Filtration System features dual intakes for more effective skimming, and an industry-first. Plus, the in-wall design saves space for seating. The convenience and cost savings of this simple approach to spa water filtration are unmatched.

Optional Water Care Upgrades

hot tub EOS system breakdown transparent
EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System

EOS O3 is a revolutionary purification system that eliminates impurities in the water using the powerful oxidation properties of O3 gas. This unique three-part system generates O3 gas and combines it with spa water in an isolated high-contact mixing chamber. It then filters out over 99% of excess ozone, preventing negative off-gassing effects.

FROG® @ease®

The FROG @ease water care system creates mineral water that is fresh and clean, while the self-regulating SmartChlor® technology maintains low chlorine levels. FROG @ease reduces chlorine usage by up to 75%, and also cuts the need for shock treatments down to just once a month, while protecting skin and swimwear.

Ozone Hot Tub Water Purifier
WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System

The WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System features corona discharge electrode technology. This creates ozone which increases the purifying oxidation potential of your hot tub’s water. It helps keep your spa clean and significantly reduces the need for sanitizing chemicals.

WellSpring Ozone
Wellspring™ Dedicated Filtration Pump

Enjoy a filtration pump that is quiet, does not vibrate, and is more than 8 times as effective as traditional filtration pumps. The results in improved filtration and a spa that consumes up to 60% less operating energy, saving you money as well.

Colors & Finishes

Bullfrog Spas A Series hot tubs are available in your choice of 4 beautiful 2-tone Select cabinets or 2 Standard cabinets. The shell comes in one of 4 stunning color options. Every visible component of the spa, including the cabinet, acrylic shell, headrest, jets, cover, and trim are coordinated for a perfectly cohesive aesthetic. Each color and trim package combination creates a stylish and aesthetically pleasing spa that you’ll be proud to have as the centerpiece of your backyard.

*Exterior cabinets with accent included in Select Trim Package and available as upgrade in Plus Trim Package.

A Series Hot Tub Lighting

Premium Lighting Shown


A Series lighting has been reimagined in ways to make operating your spa simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. You’ll love the lighted cup holders, water features, and lighted controls that are incredibly easy to operate - even after the sun goes down! Plus, exterior safety lighting is bright and attractive.

JetPaks also have under-lighted headrests to enhance the mood of your hydrotherapy session. Inductive lighting technology allows the headrest under lighting to operate seamlessly without wires or connectors. Simply snap the JetPak in and watch the lights come on!

Premium Headrest

Standard Headrest


A Series hot tubs feature enhanced headrests that are better aligned to the spine and neck. With an improved look and fit, they blend seamlessly into the spa’s natural contours. Both Standard and Select headrests have a contemporary patterned surface for a refined, modern look.

Water Features

The premium waterfall feature is smooth (and not splashy) for a relaxing ambiance. A consistent, subtle flow is created by a dedicated feature pump. It fills the lighted basin on top and gently overflows to the surface in an even ribbon. Water and light cascade calmly into the spa, setting a peaceful mood.

Premium Water Feature

Standard Water Feature


The A Series features premium touchscreen control with improved icons and increased legibility of notification text. The standard 8-button control is color-coordinated and has updated icons.

A Series Plus and Select trim packages include the all-new 3-function auxiliary controls. These allow you to control the jets, lights, and water features without leaving the comfort of your seat. The controls are also lighted for nighttime visibility.

Premium Touchscreen Controls

Auxiliary Controls

cloud control app

CloudControl 2™

Monitor and control your spa from anywhere with the optional CloudControl 2™ Wifi Module and smartphone app. Adjust the temperature, lights, start the jets, and adjust the pump and filtration settings - all from the convenience of an app!

Accessibility & Safety Options

Premier Step™

Bullfrog’s Premier Step is specially designed for premium spas like the all-new A Series. High-quality, beautiful, and robust, the Premier Steps are available in colors to perfectly match all the A Series cabinet options.

Select Step™

Featuring a customizable system to maximize safety, the Select Step adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard. The colors and materials match Bullfrog Spas cabinets for a cohesive design. The modular design has an optional third step upgrade with back and handrail options for increased safety.


The entry level DuraStep spa steps are durable and made to match the hot tub cabinet and are color-coordinated with the spa’s cover. They’re easy to install and are a great way to ensure safe access to your spa. DuraSteps feature a non-slip surface and durable composite construction. 

CoverMate I™

Quick and easy to use, the CoverMate I™ is a great addition to any spa. This mechanical cover lifter makes it simple to open your spa. The simple design is attractive and time-tested, making it a fan-favorite among spa owners.

CoverMate III™

The CoverMate III™ combines beauty and functionality. Aluminum full frame construction and elegant mounting brackets combine with state of the art hydraulics to make accessing your spa easier than ever. Remove and replace your spa’s cover with no heavy lifting. 

swimdek feature

SwimDek Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package

The SwimDek™ Surface Package enhances the look, feel, and safety of your A Series hot tub. Innovative, low-profile cushioning is fixed onto the spa’s interior shell for ultimate comfort and support. It’s available on all A Series spas.

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