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Clean Start is a concentrated, liquid formula that deep cleans your spa’s plumbing, removing organic materials and buildup. It should be used prior to the first time you use SilkBalance, and each time you drain and refill your spa.

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Clean Start is a powerful liquid formula that deep cleans the spa pipes, jets, and plumbing equipment. It is designed to work with all water hardness levels. Use it prior to adding SilkBalance to your water care maintenance routine and each time you drain and refill your spa.


1. Remove all filters and ancillary items such as a salt cell. (This is a good time to clean/rinse filters)
2. Pour entire contents of Clean Start bottle directly into water
3. Run spa jets on high for 30 minutes. For maximum effectiveness, water temperature should be above 90 degrees.
4. Drain all water from the hot tub, and flush the plumbing lines by putting a hose in the top jet. Rinse/wipe the shell to remove any residue.
5. Refill the spa with clean water and replace filters and ancillary items.
6. Adjust water chemistry
7. Add SilkBalance, SilkBalance Plus, or Silk Gem to spa water.

Clean Start is a non-corrosive formula with minimal foaming. It’s safe for plumbing, spa shell, and components.

The SilkBalance products are compatible with all spa sanitizers (though please note that SilkBalance Plus is specifically designed for salt water hot tubs). These products are created with convenience in mind and are designed to be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effectiveness.

Please Note: SilkBalance products are NOT sanitizers. You will still need to use whichever sanitization system you have chosen and is appropriate for your hot tub (i.e. salt water, chlorine, bromine, biguanide, etc.).






Product Type

Additional Maintenance

Sanitizer System

All sanitizers


Deep clean hot tub plumbing

Usage Amount

1 Bottle


Prior to using SilkBalance for the first time, and each drain and refill