CV72 STBLZR Add-On Kit


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Upgrade your Goalrilla CV72 with the revolutionary technology of STBLZR, exclusively from Goalrilla. This is a direct add-on kit that can be bolted on to any new Goalrilla CV72 basketball system.

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STBLZR Technology significantly reduces the “shake” of a basketball goal after a dunk or rebound and completely stabilizes the backboard of the goal at regulation height. After a shock to the goal, some units will violently shake for up to a minute before coming to a rest. STBLZR Technology returns the hoop to its static, resting position quickly, allowing players to maximize practice time and stay focused on skill development.

Utilizing the same technology used to eliminate movement in skyscrapers during earthquakes, STBLZR Technology creates a dramatic improvement in goal stability. The Goalrilla CV with STBLZR Technology simulates the performance of arena-style, pro-level goals, delivering the gym experience in your driveway.

  • Revolutionary technology that significantly reduces the shake of a basketball goal
  • Goal at regulation height is fully stabilized after a dunk or rebound
  • Maximize practice time by eliminating violent shake that can last up to a minute
  • Experience the pro-style goal performance found in college and high school arenas







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Goalrilla CV72


Significantly reduces the shake of a basketball goal for pro-style goal performance