FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer 2.5 lbs


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FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer is a non-chlorine shock oxidizer treatment intended for use in hot tubs and spas. It features a buffering element that eliminates odors and clears cloudy water by reducing irritating contaminants in the spa water to leave it crystal clear. It can be used with chlorine, bromine or other sanitizers, or as part of the Reserve & Renew System.

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Use FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer to shock your hot tub water weekly. Shocking your spa water eliminates odors and eye irritating contaminants while increasing the effectiveness of your sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, or salt system). Sanitizers bind to contaminants in your spa to destroy them, keeping you safe and your water clean. Using an oxidizer to “shock” your spa water breaks the sanitizer away from the contaminants. This allows the sanitizer to continue working without the need for more sanitizer to replace the amount that is bound to other things in your spa.

Freshwater MPS Oxidizer is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers and should be used once per week.

What’s in the box :
1 x FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer – 5lbs

Directions for Use:

Shock Oxidizer
1. Turn filtration system on.
2. Add 2 oz of FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer per 250 gallons of water.
3. Circulate spa water for 15 minutes with spa cover off.

Reserve & Renew System
1. Treat water with Metal Gon stain and scale treatment.
2. Add 4 oz of FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer per 250 gallons of water.
3. Turn jets on and circulate spa water for 30 minutes.
4. Test bromine residual. Ideal levels: 1 -3 ppm.

Potassium Peroxymonosulfate: 32.18%, Other Ingredients: 67.82%






Product Type



Once per week; 2 oz per 250 gallons of water


Non-chlorine shock oxidizer treatment


Eliminates odors & clears cloudy water by reducing irritating contaminants

Sanitizer System

Bromine, Chlorine, FreshWater Chlorine, FreshWater Salt

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