Hot Spring/Caldera Watkins HSS Freshwater Defoamer 16oz


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FreshWater Defoamer is a powerful liquid formula that works quickly to reduce and eliminate foam in your spa. This concentrated foam suppressant begins working immediately upon adding it to your hot tub water.


Foaming in your hot tub can be a nuisance, but fortunately there is a solution. Just apply FreshWater Defoamer directly to the foam and watch it disappear before your eyes! Only a small amount is needed of this powerful, concentrated formula.

If your spa experiences consistent foaming problems, this can be an indication of other chemical imbalances, such as low calcium or the need to drain the hot tub water and start fresh. If foaming persists after treating with defoamer, additional steps may need to be taken. Freshwater Defoamer is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.


Shake bottle well before use.
Add 1/2 oz of Defoamer to spa water.
Repeat as necessary.
Try using a spray bottle for better results.






Product Type

Algaecides & Clarifiers


16 oz


Liquid concentrated foam suppressant


Quickly eliminate foaming in spa water


Five drops, only when needed

Sanitizer System

Bromine, Chlorine, FreshWater Chlorine, FreshWater Salt