Woodplay Jungle Tower Cedar Wood Swing Set / Playset

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The Jungle Tower is an excellent starter set that packs lots of fun and is ideal for smaller backyards. Kids will love swinging to new heights, hanging upside down on the trapeze, and zooming down the wave slide.

(1) Rung Ladder, (1) Trapeze, (1) 10’ Wave Slide, (1) Yellow Belt Swing, (1) Green Belt Swing

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The Jungle Tower fits that ideal niche between the Jungle Swinger and Monkey Tower. It has the perfect, minimalist design while offering several ways for kids to play. The Jungle Tower is a staple in Woodplay’s Safari Series and a fan-favorite of children of all ages.

This playset includes a sturdy, 8’ three point swing beam (featuring Woodplay’s signature triple-joint construction) attached to a perfectly sized, 11 sq. ft. deck with a wave slide for an extra rush of excitement. The Jungle Tower includes two belt swings and one trapeze. We also offer a variety of fun swing options so your playset can adjust to your children as they grow. Some popular options include the Regatta Boat Swing, Glider, and Starburst Swing.

The Jungle Tower also includes Woodplay’s warranty, which is extensive and provides peace of mind that your playset is fully protected from manufacturer defects. It is made with the renowned quality and safety standards you’ve come to expect from Woodplay. The beautiful cedar wood naturally resists decay and insects without using any harsh chemicals and is milled to perfection with smooth, rounded edges for added safety. If you’re looking for great value on a playset that’s not too big and not too small, the Jungle Tower is a no-brainer.

What you can expect from every Woodplay Jungle Tower Playset:

  • Smooth, rounded edges for safe play
  • Standard beams that are 4” to 8” inches taller than competitors
  • Hardware that is galvanized and recessed/capped
  • Triple joint construction – the strongest in the industry
  • Sustainably, responsibly sourced Cedar lumber
  • Boards that are dimensionally stable to minimize warping
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Non-toxic, water-based stain and sealant
  • Wood that is naturally resistant to insects and decay
  • Adjustability to suit non-level yards
  • A playset that can grow as your family grows
  • Professional installation (available by request)
  • Woodplay’s “No Kidding” Guarantee



(1) Rung Ladder, (1) Trapeze, (1) 10’ Wave Slide, (1) Yellow Belt Swing, (1) Green Belt Swing


14'3" L x 11'9" W x 8' H

Deck Height


Swing Beam Height


Swing Positions


Slide Length



5 Year on Warranty lumber, 1 Year Warranty on Accessories

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