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The Bromine Floater makes it easy to keep your spa water clean with the bromine sanitizing system. This product floats in your hot tub and uses an erosion type sanitization method. Simply fill the unit with bromine tablets and let it float away!

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Bromine is a popular hot tub sanitizer because it is safe, effective, and does not have the typical odors associated with chlorine sanitizers. As with any sanitizing method, it’s important to test your spa water regularly to make sure the sanitizer levels are within the proper range for optimal performance and safety.

Your hot tub bromine level should stay within the range of 3-5ppm (parts per million).

Directions for Use:

Unscrew bottom end and fill with bromine tablets. Adjust the opening on the top of the floater to increase erosion speed or decrease it. 2-4 ppm is needed in the spa to maintain a safe level.





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