MSpa Filter Cartridge LF90 Twin Pack


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Set of 2 filter cartridge replacements for all MSpa hot tubs.

Long fabric, 90 pleats
Additional base is needed for installation.

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Your spa’s filter plays a key role in water sanitation. To keep your spa functioning properly and your spa water clean, we recommend cleaning the filter after every use with running water to remove small particles of debris. If you are unable to wash off the dirt, or the filter is discolored or softened, it should be replaced. How often your spa’s filter needs replaced will depend on how often you use your spa. Keeping your spa covered when not in use and cleaning the filter after each use will prolong the life of the filter. We advise changing the filter at least once after 1 or 2 weeks of use.

The MSpa LF90 Filter Cartridges are compatible will all MSpas. Additional base is needed for installation.