Natural Chemistry Spa Phosphate Remover 16oz


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Natural Chemistry Spa Phosphate Remover is a liquid formula that works to quickly remove damaging phosphates from your spa water. Phosphate remover is also ideal for salt systems! 1 fl. oz. treats up to 500 gallons.

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Phosphates can become problematic in your spa if left untreated, which is why it’s important to protect your hot tub’s equipment from potentially damaging effects. Removing excessive phosphates reduces grit, grime, and maintenance challenges caused by calcium phosphate scale.

Natural Chemistry Spa Phosphate Remover removes existing phosphates and can also be used weekly to maintain low phosphate levels. Note: using phosphate remover may cause the spa water to become temporarily cloudy and white. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. To clear the water quickly, use 2 fl oz of Spa Clarify with thew filter running. Cleaning or rinsing the filter may be necessary to help clear the water.

1. Add 1 oz of Spa Phosphate Remover weekly to 500 gallons of hot tub water to keep phosphates low.
2. For high phosphate (levels of 1,000 ppb or more), add 3 oz and test for phosphate levels the following day. Recommended phosphate levels in a hot tub are below 125 ppb.
3. Follow immediately with 2 oz of Clarify for Spas and run fi­lter for two hours.
4. Clean cartridge after treatment is complete.





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