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  Seats 5 Adults

  7’10” x 15′ x 5’

  4 Premium JetPak Seats

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The S180XD is 15 feet long and extra deep, with a unique seating layout that prioritizes space for those who take swimming and fitness seriously, without sacrificing therapy, a variety of seating, and built-in fun. Relish your time soaking and swimming in this multi-functional backyard water experience. You don’t have to be a world-class swimmer to use the customizable swim-current system. The unique orientation of swim jets, one near the surface and one angled up from below, creates a current shape that helps keep your body and legs horizontal and in the swim lane for easier use and more effective workouts. This versatile swim spa offers an attractive mix of functional, fun, and aesthetically appealing features, and is equipped with the one-of-a-kind JetPak Therapy System that is unique to Bullfrog Spas models. Enjoy multi-level therapy seats, ergonomic headrests, and leg and foot therapy, or take advantage of unlimited options for fitness and water play.


Standard Dimensions 7’10” x 15′ x 5’
Total Seats 5
Bench Style Seats 1
Lounge Style Seats 1
Elevated Seats 2
Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 1856 Gallons
Dry Weight (includes cover) 2532 lbs
Max Filled Weight (includes cover) 21380 lbs
EnduraFrame Construction/Full-Foam/Molded Base Standard
Premium Patio Performance Spa Cover Standard
 Spa Cover Lift Optional
Swim Series Steps Optional
Exercise Anchors (6) Standard
Tether Anchors (3) Standard
Tether Kit Optional
High-Performance 2-Speed Jet Pumps 3
Dedicated Circulation Pump Standard
Swim Series Audio Optional
Exercise Kit Optional
Simplicity™ Filtration System Standard
Premium Lighting Standard
Water Feature Standard
Swim Series Premium Exterior Lighting Standard
Swim Series JetPaks 4, Standard
Swim Jets/Propulsion (2) Standard
Stainless Steel Exercise Rail (24″) Standard
Operational Sound Measured 64.7 to 65.5 dB (low speed)
73.1 to 75.3 dB (high speed)
Hammock Kit Optional
Stainless Steel Entry Rail (8″) Standard
Electrical Requirements 240V / 60A


Seating Capacity

5 Person

Seating Style

Bench Seating, Lounge Seating


Bullfrog Spas

Hot Tub Size

XL / Swim Spas

JetPak Therapy System™

Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Therapy System for Swim Series includes 16 unique, interchangeable JetPak® massages. Personalize your massage experience by choosing your favorite JetPaks. 

With the JetPak system, you can place your preferred massages in your favorite seats and move them from seat to seat at any time. You can even change and upgrade your experience by purchasing new JetPaks.

Swim Series JetPak® Options


Alleviate ST















Meet Clear Comfort for Bullfrog Spas

The Ultra-Premium Water Care System comes standard on Swim Series spas.

Ready for healthy, fresh, and soft-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels? Bullfrog Spas’ Clear Comfort is a premium AOP (advanced oxidation process) system that creates the simplest path to clear water. It simplifies your spa water care experience while protecting you and your loved ones.​

Swim Series Color Profile

Swim Series Included Features

Unique Swim Current System

Jetted swim current systems are ideal for swimmers of all levels - recreational to elite. The Swim Series spas feature a current system that’s anatomically tuned to help you swim more easily. A unique orientation of jets (one angles up from deeper, and one near the surface), creates a perfect current shape to keep legs and body horizontal as you swim. It also helps you stay in your swim lane for a more effective workout and easier use.

Swim Workouts & Drills

Achieve optimal results by customizing your swim programs and drills to fit your workout style and body type. Choose from a pre-programmed workout or create a custom routine to help you meet your goals. Whether you desire better cardiovascular health, weight management, or improved muscle tone, a swim spa can help you get there.

JetPak Therapy System™

An ideal spa experience is a personalized one, and Bullfrog Spas’ one-of-a-kind JetPak Therapy System takes your swim spa experience to the next level in a way that no other swim spa can. Choose your perfect massages and place them in your favorite seats. When it’s time for a change, you can upgrade with a new JetPak that delivers powerful and energy-efficient hydrotherapy.

Clear Comfort for Bullfrog Spas

Patented and award-winning Clear Comfort AOP is an industry-leading eco-friendly spa water care system that uses advanced oxidation technology. It operates automatically, creating hydroxyl ions. These ions create a strong oxidation effect in your hot tub water, helping you more easily maintain clean, clear water that’s free of impurities.

Luxurious Safety

Your hot tub experience should always be a safe one, so the Swim Series spas are created with safety in mind. Built-in entry steps, handrails for balance, and multi-level seats are all designed to keep everyone safe as they enjoy spa time. Swim spas also come standard with SwimDek® non-slip cushioning installed on the floor and step surfaces. This creates an extra layer of premium comfort and safety.

Splash Zone Play Area

Lots of space means the whole family can gather and enjoy time together in your Swim Series spa. Practice swimming, play games, or simply splash around the unique splash pad area. There’s ample room for everyone to join in on the fun!

Premium Spa Lighting

Lighted features throughout the spa enhance the appeal, inside and out. The premium lighting creates a safe, fun, and peaceful ambiance in your backyard. Plus, the lighted swim current jet provides a visual indicator so you can easily find or track the swim lane during workout sessions.

Premium Controls

Your Swim Series spa includes touch-screen controls, convenient multi-function auxiliary controls, and one-touch swim to spa mode control. It’s easy to change from swim to spa mode and back with a single touch. This means you can switch from workout to relaxing in almost no time at all.

Premium Patio Performance™ Cover

The Swim Series spas include a premium Patio Performance cover that provides unmatched safety, quality, and durability. Plus, you’ll love the upgraded aesthetic appeal that enhances the look of your backyard.

EnduraFrame™ Construction

Bullfrog Spas proprietary and patented EnduraFrame™ spa support structure is 100% wood-free and engineered to last for many years. Since there’s no wood, it can’t rot or warp. The highly engineered structure fits together perfectly so you can have peace of mind knowing your Bullfrog spa is dependable and long-lasting.

Simplicity® Filtration System

Bullfrog Swim Spas also feature the Simplicity Filtration System. It features dual intakes for more effective swimming, an in-wall design that saves space for seating, and an industry-first flat filter. Enjoy the convenience and reduced costs that go hand-in-hand with this simple approach to hot tub water filtration.

Swim Series Optional Accessories

Fitness Kits

Amplify your workout with a multifunctional fitness kit. This simple yet effective kit comes  equipped with a proprietary adjustable row bar, handles, or resistance bands of different lengths and intensities so you can enjoy a range of full-body workouts.

Zero Gravity Spa Hammock

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of weightlessness. This patent-pending Zero Gravity Spa Hammock is the first of its kind. It combines stretch suspension and buoyancy to create a zero-gravity effect that’ll take your spa relaxation to the next level.

Swim Tether

The Swim Series Swim Tether is ideal for swimmers of all levels and abilities. Just strap the belt to your waist and enjoy the experience of an unencumbered swim. You’ll love the high resistance, low-impact workout.

Premium SwimDek® Kit

For enhanced style, comfort, and safety, add the SwimDek surface kit to your swim spa. It’s made from a durable and soft foam that won’t absorb water and provides excellent traction for slippery surfaces. This premium upgrade option also adds comfort to seat surfaces.

Swim Series Steps

Accessibility is key to a safe and enjoyable spa experience. A set of cabinet-matched Swim Series steps makes getting in and out of your spa quick and easy. These durable steps are aesthetically pleasing and feature non-slip tread surfaces. The sleek, sturdy handrail also provides secure access as you enter and exit.

Integrated In-Spa Surround Sound

Amp up your workouts or chill out as you relax to your favorite tunes. The Swim Series premium audio system provides incredible sound with an in-spa subwoofer. Easily connect to your phone or digital audio player and set the mood with the perfect soundtrack for your spa session.

Cover Lifter

Accessing your spa is a breeze with the assistance of specially designed cover lifters, installed on either end of the spa. Just lift the spa cover open with the convenient levered handle. As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy the additional privacy from the lifted cover while you swim, play, or relax.

Roll-up Cover

Fitness, fun, and relaxation are easier than ever with the Swim Series Roll-up Cover, available to fit each Swim Series model. This innovative cover offers it all: protection, safety, and durability. Forget struggling with cumbersome covers and lifting devices. It is quick and easy to roll it from one side of the spa to the other and rest it on the Swim Series Cover Shelf (sold separately) while you enjoy your swim spa.

CloudControl 2™ Wifi Module

The user-friendly smartphone app allows you to conveniently control your Swim Series spa from your mobile device. The app provides connection anywhere, and can even be integrated to Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart systems. You can monitor operation status, adjust temperature, lights pumps, and filtration settings, all from your smartphone.

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