TruBlu Sodium Bromide Test Strips


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In order to maintain properly balanced spa water, it’s important to test your water regularly. TruBlu Sodium Bromide Test Strips test sodium bromide levels to help you determine how much TRU BLU salt to add to your hot tub water.

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Test your hot tub water frequently to keep it properly balanced and healthy. TruBlu Sodium Bromide Test Strips test the amount of sodium bromide in the water so you know how much salt to add. These strips are effective in helping you manage water chemistry and give you a better understanding of how to interact with your spa water.


1. Fill a small glass with one inch of pool or spa water.
2. Insert lower end of strip into water. IMPORTANT: Keep the top half of the strip completely dry to get an accurate reading.
3. Yellow band will turn dark when test is complete (should take 3-4 minutes).
4. A reading of between 1,900 and 2,100 ppm is recommended.

Please note, TruBlu Sodium Bromide Test Strips test for sodium bromide, not bromine.





BluWater Technology


10 test strips

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Additional Maintenance

Sanitizer System

Cal Spas Pure Salt System


Determine how much salt should be added to spa water