Water Brick Water Seat


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The Water Brick Water Seat acts a more comfortable seating alternative in your hot tub, while increasing the seat height to benefit shorter users. It’s made of pvc coated vinyl so it is well suited for the spa environment. At over 4″ thick, the water seat offers a great deal of comfort in comparison to sitting directly on any hard spa surface.

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To ensure the seat sinks into place and does not float, the Water Brick Water Seat includes a removable pouch that can be filled with marbles or washed pea-gravel to increase the weight and/or height of the water seat. Make the most of your hot tub experience with the Water Brick Water Seat!

  • Provides added comfort for the spa experience
  • Available in Blue or Black
  • PVC coated vinyl construction w/ foam cushion core
  • Safe for use with all spa chemical systems
  • Removable pouch can be filled with marbles or washed pea gravel to further increase the weight or seated height of the water seat
  • Product dimensions – 15″ x 12″ x 4″





Cover Valet


15″ x 12″ x 4″


PVC coated vinyl




Provides a great deal of comfort when compared to sitting directly on any spa surface. Ideal for shorter spa users