Woodplay Megaset 1 Cedar Wood Swing Set / Playset

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Mega Set 1 Dimensions: Length: 44′ 1″, Width: 16′ 7″, Height: 14′ 3″

Playset Includes: Playhouse & Outback fort, Playhouse & Outback vinyl roof, 5’ crawl tunnel, Wooden step ladder, (2) rock walls w/ hand grips & ropes, Step chain combo ladder, Rope rung ladder, 3-chain rubber tire swing, 6-in-1 picnic table, (2) 12’ Super slides, 3-position swing beam, (2) belt swings, (1) knotted rope with disc, Single swing arm, Trapeze, Racing wheel, (2) Ship’s wheel, (1) Binoculars, (1) Telescope, Launch bar, (4) 10″ safety handles, (4) 62″ safety handrails

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If you live by the “go big or go home” mantra, then the Megaset is for you! These playsets are nothing short of awe-inspiring and surely live up to their name. Megasets are perfect for large families or those who simply want LOTS of play options and have ample outdoor space.

It’s not just a clever name – Megasets are just that! These enormous sets are created by combining 2 separate playsets into one giant MEGA set. Create your Megaset by joining two outback series playsets, two playhouse series playsets, or one of each. The two sets are attached via a Burma Bridge or Crawl tunnel.

Like the individual Outback and Playhouse sets, the Megasets are available in 5’, 6’, or 7’ deck heights. As you can imagine, the customization options double when combining two playsets, so if the options seem overwhelming, don’t worry – we’re here to help. One thing is for certain; when you choose a Megaset you can say goodbye to the days of the kids saying “I’m bored”.

With tube slides, crawl tunnels, rope ladders, swings, and so much more, your little ones will love creating new ways to play each time they venture out. Combine two of the same bases or mix it up with one angled (Outback) base and one square (Playhouse) base. The crawl tunnel adds a sense of spy-like adventure with peep holes for viewing out as they scurry from one playset to the next. They love zooming down the slides then climbing up the rock wall or rope ladders to do it all over again!

Every Megaset is backed by Woodplay’s extensive product warranty and is built with quality and safety in mind. Megasets are available in cedar wood that is milled to perfection with smooth, rounded edges for added safety and a beautiful aesthetic. Handle grips and rail cushions also ensure the kids stay safe as they play.

What you can expect from every Woodplay Megaset Playset:

  • Smooth, rounded edges for safe play
  • Standard beams that are 4” to 8” inches taller than competitors
  • Hardware that is galvanized and recessed/capped
  • Triple joint construction – the strongest in the industry
  • Sustainably, responsibly sourced Cedar lumber
  • Boards that are dimensionally stable to minimize warping
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Non-toxic, water-based stain and sealant
  • Wood that is naturally resistant to insects and decay
  • Adjustability to suit non-level yards
  • A playset that can grow as your family grows
  • Professional installation (available by request)
  • Woodplay’s “No Kidding” Guarantee



crawl tunnel, safety handles, ship's wheel, trapeze swing, 2 belt swings, picnic table, binoculars, tire swing, telescope, rock wall, 2 vinyl roofs, 2 10' super slides


44'1" L x 16'7" W x 14'3" H

Deck Height


Swing Beam Height


Swing Positions


Slide Length



Limited Lifetime Warranty