7+ Person Hot Tubs

For large families, party hosts, and fitness gurus, our XL and 7+ person hot tubs are the way to go. Stretch out in these generously sized spas that have room for everyone! Bench seating, lounge seating, and just the right amount of jets make sure you get exactly the right spa experience, every time you step in.

Commander F-1655

Seats 12 Adults

7’9″ x 16’8” x 51″

2 River Jets, 3 Power Stream Jets

55 Total Jets


Seats 8 Adults

9′ x 7’7″ x 38″

74 Jets

FreshWater™ Salt System


Seats 7 Adults

7’5″ x 7’5″ x 36″

52 Jets

FreshWater™ Salt System


Seats 7 Adults

7’5″ x 7’5″ x 36″

40 Jets

FreshWater™ Salt System


Seats 7 Adults

7′ x 7′ x 36″

38 Jets

FreshWater™ Salt System

Swim-Pro F-1325

Seats 11 Adults

7’9” x 12’7” x 51″

2 Swim Jet System-II – River Jets

25 Total Jets

El Grande EC-1166EX

Seats 8-10 Adults

7’9″ x 10’10.5″ x 39.5″

66 Jets

Newporter EC-1148LX

Seats 7 Adults

7’9″ x 10’9″ x 39.5″

48 Jets


Seats 7 Adults

7′ x 7′ x 36″

35 Jets

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Indy Spa Buyer's Guide

Our Spa Buyer's Guide was crafted to help you navigate the hot tub shopping experience. Learn about seating types, jets, and more with this FREE guide.

Hot Tub Test Drive

We've all heard the phrase "try before you buy", but did you know that applies to hot tubs too? Our spacious showroom includes a private mood room where you can try out a variety of spas to make sure you find the perfect fit.