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  Seats 8 Adults

  8’6″ x 7’3″ x 37″

  84 Jets

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Big families and those that love to host gatherings look no further than the Maximus hot tub from Platinum Spas’ Premium Series. This large spa seats up to 8 people with seven bench seats and one full size lounge seats. It measures 8’6″ x 7’3″ x 37″ and has 84 jets.

Maximus is one of the largest and most powerful Platinum Spas hot tubs. Its 84 hydrotherapy jets are powered by 3 x 5 BHP pumps. Each seat has a unique jet configuration, and a combination of rotating and directional jets deliver the perfect hydrotherapy massage every time.

The hand-rolled hand rolled fiberglass shell is available in 3 color choices and has a Superior Aristech Acrylic finish and maintenance-free cabinet. Inside, a tubular stainless steel framework means unprecedented strength and longevity. The Maximus also features a 5.5kW heater in combination with the Platinum Premium Shield 5-layer insulation to keep your water temperature up and your energy costs low.

Nothing beats a relaxing massage while listening to your favorite music, and Maximus’s integrated high-quality Bluetooth sound system makes it easy to do just that. And to take your relaxation to the next level, you’ll love the beautiful multi-colored LED lighting and cascading waterfall features.

Controlling your spa’s settings is made simple with the Balboa TP700 control board that has directional keypads and color screen. If you prefer to adjust your spa with your smartphone, you may also elect to add the optional WIFI module. For a large spa that truly does it all, the Maximus is the clear choice.

Maximus Jets:
84 jets in total
4 x 5″ massage jets (2pcs D-jet, 2pcs Rotating jet)
18 x 3.5″massage jets (9pcs D-jet, 9pcs Rotating jet)
2 x 2.5″ massage jets
60 x 1″ massage jets

Download Maximus Spec Sheet


Seating Capacity

8 Person

Seating Style

Bench Seating, Lounge Seating


Platinum Spas

Hot Tub Size

XL / Swim Spas


8'6" x 7'3" x 37"

Weight (dry)

1125 lbs

Jet Count


Water Care Systems

Compatible with Bromine or Chlorine

Multi-color LED Lighting

Corner Panel Lighting, Underwater Flood Lighting, Waterline Lighting


3 x 5 BHP, 2 HP continuous

Circulation Pump

1 x 0.53 HP

Heater Output

5.5kW Titanium Heater

Control System

Balboa TP700 Control Board

Electrical Requirements

60 Amp / 220V

Energy Efficiency

High density lockable spa cover, Premium multi-layer insultation

Ozone System

Ozone water clarifying system


Lifetime (Shell Structure), 5 Years (Shell Surface), 3 Years (Pumps, Control Box, Control Panel), 2 Years (Plumbing, Jets, Ozone, Audio, Lighting), 1 Year (Cabinet, Cover, Plastic Components)

Platinum Spas Features

Platinum Spas hot tubs come standard with a variety of high-tech features designed to enhance your hydrotherapy experience. With innovation and luxury at the heart of every spa, it’s easy to see why Platinum Spas is an industry leader.


Platinum Spas uses only the highest quality components, which is why they’ve chosen globally renowned Balboa for their control systems. Every Platinum Spas hot tub uses Balboa heaters, control panels, and control board. 


Platinum Liquid Effects brings your hot tub experience alive with innovative use of LED lighting. With a variety of mood-lifting multicolored LED lights, your evening spa time will be enhanced when the sun goes down with the Platinum Illumination.

Lighting features vary by model and may include:

  • Waterline Lighting
  • Underwater Flood Lighting
  • Corner Panel Lighting


Nothing beats enjoying your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook as you relax in your spa. And thanks to the Platinum Melody System, it’s never been easier. This high-quality Bluetooth sound system comes standard on all Platinum Spas hot tubs and is simple to use. Just search and connect your device, as you would any other Bluetooth enabled system. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Uniquely designed to maximize heat retention, the Platinum Premium Shield reflects heat back inwards, so the “wasted” heat created by pumps and other components can be recycled. This heat is used to help maintain temperature through heat transfer via the vast amounts of plumbing. In turn, overall operational costs are reduced.

New foil-coated cabinet panels also reflect the cold air out of the hot tub while bouncing the heat back inwards for added efficiency. This innovative technology results in exceptional heat retention and a reduction in energy usage.


All Platinum Spas can easily be WiFi enabled with the addition of the optional WiFi module.

The Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™), is an app designed for iPhone and Andriod that allows you to access your hot tub via a direct connection. The app lets you start up your hot tub and change settings from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, rather than moving to another seat or stepping out of the spa. Enjoy full interface control, including temperature adjustments, turning pumps on and off, and even setting filtration cycles.


Platinum Spas utilizes high-quality Aristech Acrylic on all of their hot tubs. The Aristech Acrylic brand supplies acrylic sheets from the world’s leading brands for the manufacturing of spas, swim spas, and hot tubs. Their quality is unmatched, making it the logical choice for Platinum Spas.

Since its inception, the Aristech Acrylics brand has seamlessly blended innovation, manufacturing expertise, and industry-leading customer service to become the number one choice of acrylic sheets for OEMs, fabricators, and designers worldwide.

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