In-Ground VS Portable Basketball Hoops

Congratulations! You’ve decided to purchase a basketball goal for your Indianapolis home. Now it’s time to decide which type of basketball goal best fits your needs when it comes to in-ground vs portable basketball hoops. There are three basic mounting systems to choose from: portable, direct burial, and semi-portable anchor. We’ll look at some of the pros and cons of each system below.

Portable Basketball Goal

Portable Hoops

The majority of home portable basketball hoops use water or sand-filled anchor and are relatively easy to move around. However, they provide little safety and functionality for your average neighborhood baller. The portability of the goal can actually be misleading. In fact,  it is quite a laborious process to remove all of the sand and water from the unit before you actually move the goal…NOT A FUN TASK!

Aside from the portability problems, these goals tend to have an unsafe nature. Players become comfortable with the stability of the goal, and inevitably try to dunk on it, which can cause serious injury if (or when) the goal tips over. Portable hoops are known to create dents in cars or windshields because all it takes is one windy storm with your car parked anywhere near the hoop. For these reasons, we recommend not choosing a goal of this type if possible.

Fixed-Height Goal

Direct Burial Pole

Basketball hoops with poles cemented in the ground are more traditional. Although this provides stability for the basketball goal, once it is set – it is set there for LIFE. These hoops are sometimes called “gooseneck” goals as their curved post shape resembles that of a goose. These types of anchoring systems make great solutions for commercial applications like gyms and parks where the goals are . They are designed to handle heavy play and and often have backboards made from wood or acrylic to make them less susceptible to potential vandalism.

Direct burial goals are not recommended for residential use because they can never be moved and are rarely adjustable. This can make playtime less enjoyable and accessible for youngsters. Also, if and when you move to a new home, you will have to purchase an entirely new basketball system. If you want a hoop that will grow with your family, a portable or semi-portable hoop is the way to go.

Semi-Portable Goalrilla Goal

Semi-Portable Anchored Basketball Hoops

Purchasing a semi-portable basketball system, such as a Goalrilla, is the best option for anyone wishing to buy a quality hoop for their home. It will provide lasting durability and the ability to transport your basketball hoop if you ever desire to move.

The anchoring systems are sturdy and tout a small footprint. In addition, the biggest advantage is that you can actually unbolt your hoop from the anchoring system and relocate the goal. All you need is a new anchor system, which for a Goalrilla, usually runs around $99. To move a system simply remove four mounting bolts and lift the goal off the anchor. Next, you would then install a brand new anchor at the new location and bolt the system right back onto the new anchor plate.

Leveling with these systems is easy and accurate. The Goalrilla anchor kit has self-leveling nuts under the pole plate that are easily adjustable until level.  However, if you already own a Goalrilla goal and need assistance moving to a new home, call us at (317) 773-3545.  We’d be happy to help for a small relocation fee!

In-ground vs Portable Anchored Basketball Hoop

Which is right for you, an in-ground or semi-portable basketball hoop? For most customers, a semi-portable anchored system is the best way to go. You will have a lifetime of quality play, and when you move to a new home, simply purchasing a new anchor will allow you to take the goal with you. In comparison, portable goals will inevitably get damaged over the years since they aren’t designed to last a lifetime. Instead, you could be playing on a solid semi-portable anchored system. In the market for a professional, safe, functional, versatile basketball hoop? Goalrilla goals are a no-brainer! Browse Recreation Unlimited’s selection of Goalrilla goals online and call (317) 773-3545 with any questions. Or better yet, come visit our Noblesville showroom to try them out and see the difference for yourself.

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