Staying Active Fosters Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Staying active can help your child gain positive self-confidence and self-esteem. In psychology, self-esteem is defined as “an individual’s subjective evaluation of self.” In simple terms, self-esteem is what we think of ourselves and no matter our age, we all want to feel good about ourselves. Thankfully, there are a […]

Why Redwood?

If you remember playing on a backyard playset as a child, you probably have fond memories of climbing, swinging, sliding, and creating an imaginative world of play. And now it’s time to introduce your own children to the magic of unstructured playtime! As you’re shopping for the perfect playset to […]

Top 6: What to look for when purchasing an Outdoor Wooden Playset

Thinking about purchasing a new playset for the backyard? You’ve come to the right place! Recreation Unlimited has been serving the Noblesville and the greater Indianapolis community with playsets, hot tubs, basketball goals, sheds, trampolines, and more for over 25 years…so you might say we know a thing or two […]

Playsets, Playhouses, and Imagination

In a society that is driven by technology and innovation, it is increasingly important for children to be given an environment that fosters imaginative play. Many kids today are stuck behind a video game controller for hours reacting to what they see on a TV screen, instead of thinking about […]

Playset Maintenance Program

The temperatures are rising and the kids are ready to spend more time outside playing. This means that it’s also time to check the condition of your playset. Protecting the integrity of your wood playset should be a priority when Spring rolls around to ensure that it’s safe and provides […]