Playset Maintenance Program


The temperatures are rising and the kids are ready to spend more time outside playing. This means that it’s also time to check the condition of your playset. Protecting the integrity of your wood playset should be a priority when Spring rolls around to ensure that it’s safe and provides entertainment for years to come. Regular playset maintenance also preserves the natural beauty of your wood playset.

Preserving Your Woodplay Playset

Here at Recreation Unlimited we take pride in our Woodplay playsets, so we make it a priority to educate our customers about our maintenance program. The maintenance itself is a two-step process, the details of which you’ll find below. To sign up, simply call us at (317) 773-3545 and let us know the details of your Woodplay or Childlife playset. If you do not have your original receipt handy, we will need pictures of the set that we are servicing for our sales staff and crew to determine if it is a small set, a large set, or an XL set.



Here are a couple things to keep in mind: Our playset maintenance program is available exclusively to customers that originally purchased their Woodplay or a Childlife playset from Recreation Unlimited. Also note that this is a two-step process, so everything will not be completed in one day. Weather can play a role in how quickly we are able to complete step two, since the set must be completely dry before it can be stained.

What to Expect from Your Playset Maintenance

Once you’ve signed up and completed payment, you will be added to our list for our maintenance crew to get in touch with you. You will be contacted within 3 business days to set up an approximate date range. Again, this is weather dependent and the date range could potentially change. As your date range approaches, our crew will contact you again to schedule an exact date of service.

Day One: What to expect on day one of maintenance:

  • The crew will come out and power wash the entire set. They will then apply deck cleaner and power wash more thoroughly.
    Note: It is perfectly fine to play on the set between day one of maintenance and the next treatment session; we just ask that you refrain from using the set 24 hours after each treatment session.

Day Two: Approximately 1-2 weeks later

After allowing the set to dry completely (with no rain) we will then:

  • Stain the complete set and also replace any discolored or frayed ropes.
    Note: if anything else needs replaced/repaired you will need to purchase that separately. If you need replacement wooden components, hardware, etc. you can purchase those parts through the manufacturer. Replacement accessories, swings, canopies, etc. can be purchased through Recreation Unlimited.

In addition to maintenance at the start of the season, it’s important to periodically inspect your playset. That way you’ll notice almost immediately if there is anything wrong with the equipment. While inspecting, look to see that nothing is broken or cracked. Make sure that all bolts and screws are tightened as far in as they can go, and that there are no sharp edges or pieces sticking out, as these can cause cuts or other injuries.

Taking the extra time to maintain the equipment will help retain the value of the playset and the safety of the children playing on it. When you’re ready to schedule your playset maintenance, or if you have additional questions, call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545. We look forward to helping you and your family enjoy your playset for many years to come!

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