Utopia Series

Caldera’s Utopia Series features an exclusive combination of beauty and innovation, right down to the details. If you’re looking for the pinnacle in comfort, innovative design and high-performance, look no further. Energy efficent and incredibly easy to use and maintain, it’s not hard to see why the Utopia Series is the preferred choice of spa enthusiasts. Every model is ready to use with Caldera’s simple and intuitive FreshWater® Salt System for longer lasting, natural feeling water.


Seats 8 Adults

9' x 7'7" x 38"

74 Jets


Seats 6 Adults

7' x 7' x 36"

46 Jets


Seats 6 Adults

7'5" x 7'5" x 38"

55 Jets


Seats 7 Adults

7'5" x 7'5" x 38"

52 Jets


Seats 4 Adults

6’6” x 7’ x 35”

43 Jets


Seats 6 Adults

7' x 7' x 36"

48 Jets

For those who truly want the best in luxury, comfort, and style, there simply is no substitute for our Utopia Series from Caldera. This line represents our finest luxury spas and the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Beautifully designed and styled with the widest range of options and no details overlooked, these hot tub models offer a serene, calming experience that helps you release tension, reduce aches and revitalize your body and mind.

Design Features:

The seat geometry has been redesigned to improve comfort while providing superior ease-of-use.

The FreshWater Salt System keeps water clean and fresh for a year.

Each Utopia features two Euphoria Jets in the footwell that work independently or simultaneously for the ultimate foot massage.

The two-tiered Avante steps (on every Utopia model) match the Avante all-climate cabinet.

Enhanced SpaGlo zone lighting with interior LED Points-of-Light multi-color system provides an even more dramatic visual impact.

The lounge seats feature deeper foot ridges that provide more room to stretch out and allow you to better enjoy the effects of the back jets.

Speaker grill surface mounts are built into the shell and contoured pillows provide comfortable neck support.

The elegant new jet face design features a textured diamond pattern with stainless steel trim for a contemporary look.

Find Your Perfect Hot Tub

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a test drive is worth a million. Though we love photos (who doesn’t?), we know that they certainly cannot do justice for these incredible spas, so we invite you to come see them in person by visiting our Indianapolis area showroom. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a specialist about finding your perfect hot tub, and even try one (or several!) out for yourself. Call us at (317) 773-3545 to learn more or schedule your wet test.

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