MSPA Muse Series – CARLTON Luxury 2-4 Person Portable Backyard/Outdoor Hot Tub Spa w/ UVC Sanitizer & M-ONE™AUTO INFLATION

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  Seats 4 Adults

  5’11” x 28″

  118 Air Jets, 4 Adj. Hydro Jets

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The Carlton features a beautiful exterior that is reminiscent of the starry night sky and is embossed with MSpa logo. This 4-person round spa measures 5’11” x 28″ and is equipped with 4 adjustable hydro jets (2 sets of 2) in addition to 118 air jets to take your massage to the next level. Hydro jets have adjustable nozzles so you can change the angle and water pressure to suit your needs.

The Muse series includes all the latest technology of MSpa. Each Muse Series hot tub is equipped with multiple hydromassage jets that can be adjusted individually and more than one hundred effervescence air jets. Stylish elegance is provided by Micro MSpassima Rhino-tech exterior. It includes a matching cover to keep your spa water free from debris when not in use and to aid in heat retention. The Muse spas also feature MSpa’s M-One Auto Inflation technology that begins inflating your spa with just the press of a button, and stops inflating when the optimal fill level has been reached. No guesswork!

The Muse Series also features innovative sanitation technology. The MSpa Direct Current System consists of a newly designed DC pump, specialized impeller, and water flow piping for high efficiency water filtration. Plus, powerful UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. The sanitizing chamber is housed in the spa’s control box where it continuously sanitizes water as it passes through. The O3 Ozonator assists with water sanitation by generating bacteria-killing ozone output at 10-30mg/hr. When combined with traditional spa chemicals, UVC sanitation, and anti-bacterial fabric, you can rest assured that your spa experience will always be clean and safe.

Every MSpa also features a whisper-quiet design made possible by the silent motor so nothing interrupts your evenings of tranquility. You’ll also enjoy MSpa’s smart filtration system that keeps water clean and ready for use. And the heating timer allows you to enjoy your spa at the perfect temperature when you’re ready for it. The buckle spa cover also helps maximize heat retention and reduce debris in your spa when not in use. Plus, the MSpa Link app makes it easy to conveniently control your spa from anywhere, any time.

Key Features:
Wired Controller
Hydro Jets
Variable Bubble Speeds
Heat Tech
Energy Saving Timer
Anti-Icing System
Smart Filtration
UVC Sanitizer
O3 Ozonator
Antibacterial Fabric
M-One Auto Inflation
Child Safety Lock

In the Box:
Buckle spa cover
Spa tub
Wired controller
Heat preservation mat
Filter cartridge * 2
Filter cartridge base
Inflation hose
Inflatable bladder
Garden hose adaptor
Chemical Dispenser for 1″ tablets
Repair kit
Warning label

Package Dimensions:
1 Box: 28.3″ x 22.8″ x 25.2″

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Model / SKU


MSpa Series

Muse Series

Seating Capacity

4 Person

Hot Tub Dimensions

5'11" x 28″

Water Capacity

184 gallons / 700 liters

Weight (Dry)

80.5 lbs

Weight (Filled)

1,623.7 lbs


Air Bubbling System: 118 Jets, Hydro Jets: 2 Sets (4 high efficiency hydro jets)

Heating Increase Rate

2.5-3.5° F/h

Max. Water Temperature


Jet Pump


Electrical Requirements

AC 110V-120V / 60Hz

Heater Output


Massage Air Blower

700W – 3 levels (300W, 450W, 700W)

Filter Pump

Circulated Water Flow: 545 Gallons (1800 L) per hour

Ozone Generator


Ozone Output



ETL approved

Why MSpa?

MSpa hot tubs are some of our best-selling spas thanks in part to their state-of-the art technology combined with affordability and user-friendliness. Let's take a closer looks at the innovative features brought to you by MSpa.


The Best Filtration System Ever

MSpa's Direct Current system is their most advanced filtration system yet. It features a brand new DC pump with specialized impeller that provides more powerful water flow and increased circulation speeds of 1800 liters per hour. This marks an impressive 36% improvement over their previous system and is superior to other pumps on the market. Although the system boasts stronger water flow, MSpa has still manages to decrease energy consumption by 30%! The new TURBO fan construction pushes foreign objects through with ease. You'll enjoy years of relaxation as the new x-ring guarantees 10,000 hours of continuous operation.


MSpa's mid and high end series also feature an additional O3 generator designed specifically to target more resistant bacteria for superior sanitation. Unlike UVC, Ozone cannot be activated while the spa is in use. It is therefore meant to act as an additional, more powerful layer of protection. The O3 generator also helps reduce the need for water treatment chemicals like chlorine.


Powerful UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease causing microorganisms and pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. Our sanitizing chamber is housed inside the spa’s control box and continuously sanitizes water that passes through the chamber. Since you will never come in contact with the UVC light, this setting can be turned on while you are enjoying your spa.


MSpa’s patented inflation system makes setting up your spa easier than ever in one simple step. Just press BUBBLE and UP buttons at the same time and watch as your spa begins to inflate right before your eyes (no magic wand required!). No additional control box is needed, and self-inflation will monitor pressure and stop automatically when finished. 

Simply press and go. That’s all there is to it!


MSpa's original Hydromassage Jets are ideal for beginning your hydrotherapy journey. They offer a basic hydromassage, helping to reduce muscle aches and pains while relaxing the body and mind. There's no complex setup, as the jet pumps are built directly into the spa control. You can set up your spa quickly and easily pack it up for storage when necessary.


MSpa’s Anti-Icing system is uniquely designed to protect your spa and its control box from damage caused by freezing. It does so by automatically heating the water to 37.4 degree F whenever the water temperature dips below 35.6 degrees F. This system acts as a safety measure for peace of mind and to protect the longevity of your spa in colder weather.


Clean spa water is foundational to a great hydromassage. MSpa’s inner liners are made with antibacterial fabric that improves sterilization performance. It releases bacterial components and reduces bacterial reproduction by 99%. 

Conforms to ISO 22196:2011


In mid- to high-end models, MSpa uses a 2200W PTC heater for greatly improved heating performance. This heater is both stronger AND smarter! It intelligently uses power in accordance with active functions. When just the heater is active, it runs at full power (2200W). When bubble or jet functions are active, it will run at a lower power. No matter how you enjoy your spa, the water never gets cold.