Fantasy Spas® WiFi Module – Gecko Alliance In-Touch 2 RF Wi-Fi Interface Module


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The Fantasy Spas Wifi Module Kit makes it easy to control and monitor your hot tub settings from your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. It connects directly to your home’s wifi network to create a convenient, wireless remote system for your Fantasy Spas hot tub.

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The in.Touch 2 WiFi Interface Module (Fantasy Spas WiFi Module) is the ultimate remote control for your spa. Simply install the WiFi kit and connect it to the home’s wireless network, download the app (Android and iOS compatible), and with the touch of a finger, users can adjust the temperature, control jets and lights, monitor water care, and manage energy savings.

The system also connects with voice-assisted devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Kit includes:

  • 2 communication modules (Spa unit (7′ cable) & network unit)
  • Ethernet cable (3′)
  • Wallmount power adaptor and wire (3′)
Simple Setup
The in.touch 2 makes it easy to connect your spa to the internet, turning your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate WiFi hot tub remote control. The two included radio frequency transmitters (one for your spa and one connected to your Internet router) are prelinked to make setup as seamless as possible.

Strong, Long Range Communication Signal

The in.touch 2 transceivers emit a long range signal between your hot tub and internet router. In fact, it’s nearly 3 times longer than the average WiFi signal. Because of this, your hot tub always remains within range in most backyard settings.

Convenient App with Optional Push Notifications
In.touch 2’s easy-to-use smartphone app makes it simple to program and control all of your hot tub’s features and functions. Adjust the water care settings, filtration cycles, water temperature, and more from anywhere at any time. And enabling push notifications keeps in informed of your spa’s status.







Designed for use with Fantasy Spas


Adjust the temperature, control jets and lights, and more from your smartphone or tablet