FreshWater Vanishing Act Calcium Remover XL


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FreshWater Vanishing Act Calcium Remover is a simple-to-use bag that prolongs the life of your spa or hot tub and extends the time between each drain and refill by reducing the amount of calcium in the water. It creates a softer, more enjoyable soaking experience. It’s designed to be used with any water care system, including Freshwater Salt.

XL Size has 3 times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act.

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FreshWater Vanishing Act Calcium Remover is a simple-to-use bag that is placed over your spa’s intake to effectively remove calcium from the water. This helps create softer water and increases the lifespan of your hot tub or spa.

Place the Vanishing Act Calcium Remover XL bag on the bottom drain of your hot tub when you refill it. Turn over every 12 hours, for a total of 72 hours. Remove and dispose of the bag after 72 hours. (please note, the filter will need to be on for the full 72 hours). It’s that simple! Vanishing Act is a convenient way to enjoy a soft water feel in your hot tub without the expense or chemical usage.

See packaging for complete instructions.






Product Type

Stain & Scale


9.125" × 6.25" × 6.5"


Soften hard water by removing calcium without chemical additives


Use during startup and drain & refill




3x calcium reduction power of standard Vanishing Act


All other spa chemicals

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