KTB-2 Turbo Tower Vinyl Swing Set / Playset

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KTB-2 Turbo Tower vinyl playset packs lots of fun into a smaller footprint. This playset from Swing Kingdom features 5’ and 7’ decks, enclosed turbo twister slide, 7’ rock wall, flat step ladder, and 3 position swing beam.

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Little ones will love exploring all that KTB-2 Turbo Tower has to offer. This vinyl playset is part of Swing Kingdom’s Double Tower series and features connected 5’ and 7’ towers. It has an exciting turbo twister slide and challenging 7’ rock wall. This playset also includes a 3 position swing beam with 2 belt swings and an infant swing.

If you’re in the market for a long-lasting playset with special attention to safety, look no further than Swing Kingdom. These durable playsets are a great investment for any backyard. They are made with pressure treated wood encased in vinyl for a maintenance-free finish. The vinyl protects the wood under structure, shielding it from the elements. Every detail of a Swing Kingdom playset is given thoughtful consideration, from the solid plastic splinter-free surfaces to the easy access ladders and stability anchors.

Since your playset should be exactly what YOU want, all Swing Kingdom playsets are fully customizable. Choose from a variety of color combinations, add-ons, and accessories the kids will enjoy for years to come. These high quality vinyl playsets are five times stronger than standard wooden playsets, and are backed by an industry leading 20 year warranty.

KTB-2 Turbo Tower Vinyl Swing Set / Playset Specifications:
Overall Dimensions: 21’w x 14’d x 13’h
Weight:1,653 lbs.
Color: Available in a variety of color combinations
Tower: 4’ x 8’ Double
Deck Height: 5’, 7’
Access: Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing
Roof: 4’ x 4’ Vinyl w/ Sunrise
Climber: 7’ Rock Wall w/ Rope
Slide: 7’ Turbo Twister Slide
Swing Beam: 3 Position Single Beam
Swings: (2) Belt Swing, Baby
Swing Anchors: 2
Fun Items: Steering Wheel, Binocular
Space Needed: 20’ Deep x 28’ Wide
Border Material: 96’ Landscape Timber
Recommended Amount of Mulch: 2 Tons Rubber Mulch 10 Cubic Yds. Wood Mulch

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