Leisure Time Bright and Clear 32 oz


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Leisure Time Bright and Clear is a liquid clarifier developed specifically for use in hot tubs. It utilizes polymer action to neutralize and remove dirt, oil, soap, and other suspended particles. The result is fresh, clear water.

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Make the most of your daily hot tub soak with Leisure Time Bright and Clear. This easy-to-use liquid clarifier keeps your water crystal clear and helps improve spa filter efficacy. It works quickly to turn cloudy water into clean, clear water.

Regular use of Bright and Clear will reduce the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed. It ensures the filter will remove the maximum amount of particles from the water, thereby providing optimal water clarity. As an added bonus, there is no waiting period needed after using this product.


1. Turn OFF all equipment.
2. Turn ON air blower or spa jets.
3. Add Bright & Clear directly to spa. Use 2 oz. for spas up to 800 gallons. Use 4 oz. for spas over 800 gallons.
4. Allow blower or jets to run a few minutes.
5. Turn ON filter system until water is bright and clear

Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.





Leisure Time

Product Type

Algaecides & Clarifiers


32 oz


Clarifies Cloudy Water




Coagulates Microscopic Particles


1 oz / 800 Gal or 4 oz / >800 Gal

Sanitizer System

Bromine, Chlorine

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