SilkBalance Gems (16 oz.)


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SilkBalance Gems are a uniquely designed water conditioner in tablet form. They provide all the same benefits of the beloved, original SilkBalance (soft, crystal clear, odor-free, and pH balanced spa water), but in the convenience of a pre-measured tablet. Each container includes 16 individually wrapped gems. Use one per week.

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Ready for the softest, clearest, water imaginable? SilkBalance Gems are up to the task. These convenient, pre-measured tabs work to balance pH and alkalinity while neutralizing odors and keeping your spa water silky soft. Simply toss and go once a week. That’s it! SilkBalance Gems dissolve in less than 20 seconds when placed in the filter compartment or jet stream. Simple water care just got even easier!


1. Add one SilkBlanace Gem to the filter compartment or jet stream per week
2. Enjoy a silky soft, crystal clear hot tub experience!

SilkBalance Gems work with all sanitizers, including salt systems.

SilkBalance optimizes your hot tub experience by providing soft, clear water and eliminating the need for excessive chemicals. It’s safe to use and environmentally friendly. With recommended weekly use, one bottle of 16 SilkBalance Gems will last 4 months.

Please Note: SilkBalance products are NOT sanitizers. You will still need to use whichever sanitization system you have chosen and is appropriate for your hot tub (i.e. salt water, chlorine, bromine, biguanide, etc.). The SilkBalance products are created with convenience in mind and are designed to be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effectiveness.




Product Type

Additional Maintenance

Sanitizer System

All sanitizers


Create soft, pH balanced, odor-free spa water

Usage Amount

1 Gem


Once per week