SilkBalance Small 38oz/1.12L


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Enjoy soft, pH balanced, and odor-free spa water with SilkBalance. This weekly-use solution is specially formulated for spa water.

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SilkBalance woks to create soft, pH balanced, and odor-free spa water. This liquid additive is to be used weekly.


1. Add 4 ounces of SilkBalance directly to spa water once per week
2. Enjoy a silky soft, crystal clear hot tub experience!

Always add SilkBalance on the same day every week.
Always maintain sanitizer in the recommended range.

SilkBalance optimizes your hot tub experience by providing soft, clear water and eliminating the need for excessive chemicals. It’s safe to use and environmentally friendly. With recommended weekly use, the 38-ounce bottle of SilkBalance will last 2 months.

Please Note: SilkBalance products are NOT sanitizers. You will still need to use whichever sanitization system you have chosen and is appropriate for your hot tub (i.e. salt water, chlorine, bromine, biguanide, etc.). The SilkBalance products are created with convenience in mind and are designed to be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effectiveness.






Product Type

Additional Maintenance

Sanitizer System

Bromine, Chlorine


Create soft, pH balanced, odor-free spa water

Usage Amount

4 ounces


Once per week

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