Basketball Goal Review: Medium Weight VS Heavy Weight Rim

Before we discuss what is different between a Goalrilla medium-weight flex rim and a heavy-weight flex rim, let’s discuss what is the same. For the uninitiated, they may appear to be the same. Sure they’re both orange. Of course, they are both spherical in nature and hold a nylon net with the help of twelve hooks. Most importantly, both the medium-weight flex rim and heavy-weight flex rims are a regulation eighteen inches in diameter. Sorry, no excuses for those missed shots!

So if the two rims are the same, why is there any reason to choose one over the other? Good question! Well, once you get down to the “nuts and bolts,” they are quite different. Let’s start with the nuts and bolts. The medium-weight flex rim has a 3” x 4” bolt hole pattern and is only available on Goalrilla Basketball Systems that accept it. This pattern is the distance the rim bolts are spaced horizontally and vertically. The heavy-weight flex rim has a 5” x 5” bolt hole pattern. If you are looking at replacing an existing rim on a Goalrilla Basketball System and you are not sure which rim you need, just simply walk behind your goal and look at the bolts protruding from the back of the backboard. That bolt pattern will tell you exactly what rim you need.


A flex rim has a spring internally behind the front plate. That spring’s tension is what determines the resistance the rim has when you pull down on it. The stronger the tension, the more resistant (or stronger) the rim will be. A medium weight flex rim has one spring inside while a heavy-weight flex rim has two springs. In the end, the heavy-weight flex rim has double the springs, double the tension, double the strength!

Unfortunately, if you choose a Goalrilla Basketball System that comes with a medium-weight flex rim you can not upgrade to a heavy-weight flex rim. Remember those bolt patterns we talked about earlier?

It is important that you choose which Goalrilla Basketball System is best for you. There are many differences between the many Goalrilla goals such as backboard size and post size, but many people forget to pay attention to the rim. Once you look under the paint, that is when you will discover the hidden muscle of your new Goalrilla system.

Written By David Gilles, Service Manager at Recreation Unlimited.

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