Benefits of LED Spa Lighting

While many hot tub owners use their spas during both the day and the night, there’s something magical about nighttime soaking, especially when LED lighting is involved. Steaming water, bubbly massaging jets, and hot tub lighting come together to set the perfect stage for fun, relaxation, and intimate conversation. Plus, some research indicates that LED spa lighting may actually have greater benefits than just being visually stimulating.

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is the science of using visible spectrum (or colors) to promote health. Chromotherapy dates back all the way to ancient cultures who started studying the health effects of light and color and how they work hand-in-hand. While there can be a wide variety of opinions on chromotherapy effectiveness, researchers theorize that, among other things, color has a noticeable effect on mood. For example, being exposed to some colors will induce happiness, while others will help you to calm and relax your mind.

Warm vs Cool Colors

Warm colors are useful for individuals with neurasthenia or depression. They also boost blood pressure and muscle tone among hypertensive patients. Studies have even shown that warm color exposure boosted respiratory movements, cortical activation, the frequency of eye blinks, and palmar conductance.

Cool colors, on the other hand, are natural relaxants for anxious individuals. They have been proven to be effective tranquilizers for those with tension and anxiety. They are also natural relaxants for anxious respondents. Cool colors can decrease blood pressure, provide tension relief, ease muscle spasms, and reduce eye blink frequency. If you are having trouble sleeping or suffering from insomnia, cool colors are the way to go.

Now let’s see how each individual color affects the mind and body while soaking in your spa:


Red is the most stimulating color! Red colors can increase respiration rate, enhance metabolism, and raise blood pressure. Red can also trigger your collagen cells in the body and skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Yellow is the color of optimism and stimulates happiness! This color can help one feel grounded spiritually and maintain a positive attitude. Yellow also has a cleansing effect on the body and can purify the blood and increased neuromuscular tone. Also known for its antibacterial properties, it may aid with digestion and lymphatic systems.


Lighter greens can help one feel comfortable, calm and refreshed. Green lights act as a relaxant and help fight against depression. The also assist with regulating the pituitary gland, calming the nervous system, and fighting insomnia.


Blues colors promote the feelings of peacefulness, tranquility, and reduce stress. Blue can also increase mental clarity, creativity, productivity while promoting communication. Blue lights can calm your breathing and heart rate. They have been shown to lower blood pressure, help with insomnia and headaches as well. Dark blue tones can help by reducing overall pain, stress, and nervous system while also lubricating joints and fighting infections. Blue light may also reduce toxins within your body.


Purple light helps create balance and transform negative emotion while also stimulating intuition and imagination. Purple tones are often used to soothe organs, calm the nervous system, and relax the muscles. Purple can aid in purifying the body and assist with detoxification.


White can help provide energy and reduce the effects of depression. White light can also aid in stimulating serotonin production, regulating sleep patterns, and the nervous system.

The bottom line is that a hot tub offers many ways to help you relax and wind down after a long day by providing an environment that is conducive to stress relief. Caldera Spas LED lighting provides you with a variety of color schemes so you can create a soothing ambiance of your choosing. Combined with hydrotherapy from the massaging jets, it can help you to manage the symptoms of stress and promote relaxation! Contact Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom to test out a hot tub (and the LED lights!) for yourself.


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