Benefits of Unstructured Play for Kids

Most people would agree that play time is an integral part of early childhood development, but just how important is it? Well according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics* (AAP), unstructured play has a number of benefits to growing youngsters.

Here are just a few highlights from the study:

  • Important for the healthy development of the brain
  • Non-directed plays helps children learn to work together, share, resolve conflict, negotiate, and learn self-advocacy skills.
  • When play is child-driven, they practice decision making skills, move at their own pace, and discover areas of interest they wish to pursue.
  • When play is controlled by adults (like organized sports), children have to follow adult rules and concerns (like winning), and lose some of the benefits play offers them, such as developing creativity, leadership and group skills.
  • Play offers parents the opportunity to engage with their children.
  • Unscheduled play time allows peer interaction, which is an important component to social emotional learning.
  • Free, child-driven, creative play protects against the effects of pressure and stresses.

Playset Rockwall

Decades of research shows that kids learn best through active and exploratory play. Kids enjoy making up adventures in their playhouse, daydream on the swings, or zoom down a slide. Playsets can turn swings into jungle vines, playhouses into pirate ships, and slides into escape chutes.

Repeated activities like trying to go faster on a slide, swinging higher, or racing other kids up a ladder help build strength, confidence, coordination, and body awareness.

Imaginations Take Center Stage with Woodplay

Woodplay’s swing sets are designed to capture a kid’s imagination for hours of active and unstructured playtime There are endless configurations that will make each playset unique. Parents can choose from different deck heights and sizes, add monkey climbers, skyboxes, and a wide array of accessories.

Investing in a high-quality playset is a sure way to get the kids time to stretch, create, and lose themselves in their imagination. The playset that you design and purchase can add fun for the entire family, as well as valuable learning experiences for the kids. Get them up off the couch and excited about creative play time! When you’re ready to choose the perfect playset for your family, call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545, or come visit our Noblesville showroom to let your little ones try out our playsets first hand!

*For more information about the importance of play time in child development, check out this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

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