Charity of Choice – Humane Society for Hamilton County

A Small Story from the Owners of Recreation Unlimited

Our charity of choice here at Recreation Unlimited is the Humane Society for Hamilton County. As the owners of Recreation Unlimited we have a story to tell behind this. As a young married couple, we were just 26 and 29 when we started the Invisible Fence Company in Indianapolis in 1986. We liked the new product idea, loved animals, and with no dealer in this area, our timing was good. Well, as those things happen, the business took off. And through our 20 plus years immersed in the pet world we grew to love pets, and the people that love pets, even more.

Eventually and inevitably, we got to know Rebecca Stevens, the Director at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Trust me… the world of dogs and cats, Rebecca is a hero. She treats each animal, forgotten or neglected, injured or healthy, young or old, as if they DESERVE a good life, a home, someone to love. A simple philosophy, right? Right. But a very difficult job.

How the Society Works

Many people don’t understand the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Is it a charity? Is it paid for by our tax dollars? Well, it IS a charity counting on donations to help these animals receive medical care, food, and the opportunity for a second chance. BUT, it does receive some money from the tax system and this is how that works. In Hamilton County, Animal Care and Control has an agreement with the Humane Society for Hamilton County to take the lost & unwanted cats and dogs that they pick up and then bring to HSHC. Your tax dollars pay enough money to hold these animals for 7 days, then euthanize each one of them, healthy or not, young or old. Rebecca and her staff do not euthanize them. Instead they keep them for as long as it might take to find a home. So, in the end, about 25% of the HSHC budget does come from tax dollars….the 25% representing your tax dollars for the “7 day hold and kill” model.

We live in a wonderful world in Hamilton County. We are one of the most prosperous and forward thinking communities in the country. But if you visit the HSHC you will see that it is bursting at the seams with cute and loving cats and dogs. So many, they look out at you from crates that overflow into the lobby. Many of the unselfish employees and volunteers work with additional cats and dogs at their feet or literally on their desks. It is both heart warming and heart breaking.

Proud to be a No-Kill Shelter

When looking away is just too hard and space allows, Rebecca or her staff take additional animals from neighboring counties as well, on the verge of being killed. How proud can we be that we have one of the few no kill shelters in the country right here in Hamilton County?  They give every treatable, savable, rehabilitatable animal the second chance it deserves.


How You Can Help!

There are a number of ways you can get personally involved at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Any kind of support you are able to give, whether it’s financially or of your time is greatly appreciated. And of course, the more volunteers they have, the farther every dollar goes. Day-in, day-out, the amazing volunteers at HSHC help provide the love, care, and organizational support needed to help every animal find its forever home.

It is easy to donate to the shelter, and every dollar matters! Just visit and hit the DONATE NOW button. We’ve been fortunate to play a role supporting the HSHC over the years. Check out what we’ve been able to donate, thanks in part to our many generous customers!

I make one last plea. As a parent, rescuing a pet teaches a child a beautiful lesson. The love your child feels for that pet will forever change the attitude of your child toward adopting. And by example your child’s child will likely adopt one day as well. And on from there. Creating a better world. A world where animals are not sold for profit but taken in for love and care.

Thank you for hearing our story. It is your story too. And the story of all of us in Hamilton County and around Indiana who care for animals and their well being.

Carey and Brad Riley

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