Playset Review: Monkey Tower by Childlife Playsets

The Monkey Tower Playset

The Monkey Tower Playset has been one of Recreation Unlimited’s all-time best sellers.  We have always had a huge selection of playsets available, with many options to chose from, and this playset has proven to be one of the most popular choices, year after year. The Monkey Tower Playset is manufactured by ChildLife Playsets, let me share a little bit of history on ChildLife. ChildLife was established in 1945 by a WWII veteran, who wanted to find an alternative to heavy wooden swings for his daughters. His solution was a soft, flexible seat, made of conveyer belt material which he hung from a cedar frame. The Premium Wooden Playset industry was born. By the 1960’s, ChildLife had earned a world-class reputation for outstanding quality and safety in swing sets, while bringing fun to families in all 50 states and around the globe! Here is a picture that was taken in 1962 on the White House lawn of President Kennedy’s children Caroline and John-John playing on their ChildLife playset.

The Monkey Tower Playset comes with many options to boost a child’s imagination and physical ability. The Monkey Tower playset includes a tower that’s deck size is 25 square feet, with a height of 5’. A 10’ wave slide comes off the deck, which is available in two colors; yellow and green. It is worth noting that the green slide, when put in direct sunlight will get much hotter than the yellow. Attached also to the tower is the a-frame swing beam that is 7.5’ height, has 2 sling swings and trapeze ring combo hanging from it. A telescope and a ship’s wheel are on the upper deck area, 2 of the most popular small options available. There are 4 different options for under the deck on the tower. The first option would be to leave it open and use it as a sandbox. If that is not an option that appeals to you, a second choice available would be a picnic table. The picnic table is surprisingly spacious and can be user for older children and adults. Another option would be to just have a wood floor on the bottom.

The final choice is to have an enclosed room with a floor, the playhouse option. Moving now to the upper deck space, your tarp comes in a green or red and yellow combination, with the option of a wood roof. If you select the wood roof, you also have the option of the Monkey Loft on the upper deck.  The loft is an enclosed roof, giving it a playhouse look. Besides the options discussed above, there are also many many choices in swings, gliders, and small items, such as binoculars, bells, spotlights, etc. Every feature available with a Childlife playset is designed for safety and quality, and additionally meets ASTM requirements for quality and safety. Recessed and capped hardware, dacromet coated hardware to prevent rust, and non-toxic water-based stain/sealant which protects the set. The wood is also covered with a lifetime warranty, a big bonus in purchasing a playset. The Monkey Tower playset can be designed with a wide array of options and features at a great price point. For these reasons and more, it has been a bestseller for years in our showroom.

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