Why Recreation Unlimited Is the Best Place to Buy a Hot Tub

Why Recreation Unlimited is the best place to buy a hot tub

There are a lot of places you can go to shop for a hot tub. You can even purchase one online now. Hopefully after reading this, you will understand the importance of not only picking the correct hot tub for you, but also the right place to purchase your hot tub.

Let’s start with the issues of buying online. I personally am from the generation that likes to see what I am getting. I like to see it, touch it and even sit in it before I invest in a large purchase. Pictures are great, but cannot be equated to seeing in person. Pictures can be doctored to look like the hot tub seats more people than it actually does, believe it or not. I have learned from selling hot tubs that when they say and show that they sit 5-6 people, they really only sit 3-5 people, unless some of them are extremely small.

Another reason purchasing online is not a good idea for a hot tub is installation. Most online hot tub purchases are curbside delivery freight. The truck driver drops it at the end of the driveway and leaves. You now have to figure out how to move a 1-2 ton hot tub behind your house and put it in place. On top of that, you need to find someone to install and service it. You bought it online, so your service number is a 1-800 number. Finding a service tech that will work on an online hot tub is not easy and parts are not readily available. Everything you need is dependent upon that online retailer. Many times customers end up finding out that the hot tub that they thought they would relax and enjoy, is now stressing them out.

With purchasing a hot tub from a reputable business you not only get to see, touch and sit in your hot tub prior to your investment, you also don’t have to figure out how to deliver and install your hot tub. You have a service department and parts that are close and readily available to you. You have qualified and trained service technicians and a customer service team that can work with you to help you fix your problems.

Why is Recreation Unlimited a great place to shop for hot tubs? Well, we carry two of the top Spa Companies in the United States. Cal Spa and Caldera (Watkins Manufacturing). Between those two companies, they bring over 60 years of experience to the industry.

If you quantified all of the experience at Recreation Unlimited we have amassed over the years, you would be amazed. Recreation Unlimited has been in business for over 25 years. Combined, we have over 38 years Sales experience, 40 years in service experience, and 25 years installation experience. We are a family here; we work as a team to make sure that the customers have a good experience, from beginning to end. We work for a family-friendly company and this lets us enjoy our job, which in turn shows as we talk to our customers. Not many places can say that! Businesses come and go, but we are here to stay.

We genuinely want to help our customers make the right choice for them and their families. We want you to get the most out of your new hot tub. We take pride in our reputation.

We have been helping people make great memories with their families for over 25 years.

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