Tips to Find 20 Minutes Per Day To Spend In Your Hot Tub

Twenty minutes. That’s all it takes to soak up the numerous benefits of a spa. Just 20 minutes is all you need to let go of the day’s built up stress and tension, and to relax and relieve pain from achy muscles. However, with constant busy and chaotic lives, it’s hard to even imagine having 20 minutes of free time to yourself. Taking time for yourself becomes a challenge and often is put on the back burner. But with these tips, making time for you and your spa could be easier than you think!

Schedule it.

Make this 20 minutes for your spa a part of your daily routine. If you’re afraid you won’t stick to it, then make an appointment in your calendar or set an alarm on your phone if you need too. As busy  people, we make time for what’s important to us. Make the hot tub an important part of your daily life to soak up all the benefits it provides! Plus, when looking at your calendar and seeing a day of meetings stacking up, it can provide comfort to know you are ending your day with a 20-minute soak!

Incorporate things you love while soaking.

Do you have a favorite playlist, podcast, or book? Why not enjoy those things while you are relaxing in your spa? Find your book as an audiobook and listen away. Turn on your favorite song and let the tension in your body melt away. You’ll often will feel like you won’t want to ever get out when you multitask with the things you enjoy doing on a daily basis.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier.

This might be a no-go for some. But with all the time of the day that you can’t control, like weather making your commute way longer than it needs to be, or a work project that you discover you need to stay late to finish, it’s nice to have a time of day that you can have complete control over. Plus, what better way to start your day than with something that has been proven to improve moods and your health? It’s the jump-start that we all need!

Add a step before you go to bed.

We all have our nightly routine. Many routines include taking a shower, brushing your teeth, reading 20 pages of a book, or watching your favorite late night talk show. Why not make 20 minutes to soak in your hot tub one of those? Plus, hot tubs are known to help improve sleep. So it’s a win-win!

Make it your reward.

Just like spending a day eating healthy and treating yourself with a nice dessert, the same can go for your hot tub! Have a long day ahead of work that you find yourself dreading? Tell yourself in the morning that all you have to do is get through the day to be able to end it in the hot tub! No day is ever as bad when you know you are going to end it with a soothing soak!

Take a break from the couch.

As appealing as it is to just come home from work and binge watch Netflix on the couch for hours, why not take a 20 minute break to sit in your spa and reap the health benefits? By choosing to watch one less episode, you can put your health first, and soak away those aches and pains while freeing your mind from all the daily stresses that can tend to build up.

Dedicate time to reconnect with loved ones.

Take 20 minutes a day to spend some quality, uninterrupted time relaxing with your significant other. This allows you to reconnect with one another while spending time together away from distractions from work, TV, or chores. You can even incorporate your kids as well. Having your children spending time together as a family in a spa allows the kids to really disconnect from technology and just relax and have conversations.

Have other tips for carving out time to spend in your hot tub? Let us know in the comments below!

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