Top 4 Benefits of Daily Water Immersion

From way back to the ancient times of Roman baths to today’s modern hot tubs, daily water immersion has a long history of proving to be a very important part of our lives. A hot tub can actually improve your health in numerous ways. All it takes is just 20 minutes a day soaking in your hot tub to rejuvenate and refresh your entire body. Here are 4 reasons why you need your daily dose of water immersion!


Say goodbye to restless nights! Hot tubs help you go from tossing and a turning to getting sound, deep sleep that your body is craving. The hot water in your hot tub actually increases your body’s sleep mechanisms which in return helps you fall asleep quicker and puts you in a deeper sleep. It increases relaxation as well! Getting better sleep is so important within our lives because it leads to being overall a more healthy being!


One of the biggest benefits of a hot tub is a hot tub’s ability to really soothe aches and pains. When you sit in a hot tub, the water pressure, heat, and buoyancy work hand-in-hand to reduce the levels of muscle tension your body feels. Water pressure from the jets helps relieve and relax muscles by providing a therapeutic massage from the jet streams and air bubbles. As an added bonus, the jets are able to focus on particular muscle areas on your body which really helps in relieving the knots within the muscles.

Heat plays a vital role in providing relief because when you first step in your tub, your body instantly will start to warm up. This is important because the increase of your internal body temperature helps enhance blood flow which in return warms up your body and dilates blood vessels. Therefore, this lowers blood pressure and increased blood flow to the muscle areas that are most needed which really soothes the muscles.

Lastly, buoyancy helps by eliminating a lot of the stress that is on your muscles while you’re sitting in the hot tub. This is a vital reason why that even a 20 minutes session in a hot tub provides significant relief from muscle soreness.


Everybody experiences stress and while a little bit of stress is good for the body, too much brings imbalance and causes harm! For of the same reasons as stated above as to why a hot tub soothes pain and muscle aches, it also in return reduces stress! Another way hot tubs decrease stress is by promoting the flow of endorphins and improving circulation throughout the body which helps you relax.

Hot Tub Exercise


With the buoyancy, heat, and your muscles feeling great and relaxed, it’s the perfect set up to get a little workout in! A hot tub can be the perfect environment to work out in for numerous reasons. The buoyancy of the water makes working out easier for individuals who have difficulty with weight-bearing exercises. Therefore, any exercise that would normally be difficult or painful on land can be done more easily in the hot tub. This makes it the perfect place to perform strength-enhancing workouts. Examples of some strength moves to tryb are squats, reverse crunches, flutter kicks, or arm crossovers. Performing exercises on a regular basis can help you burn calories, improve muscles strength, tone and lose weight!

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