Weight Loss Benefits of Spas

Many Americans struggle with excess weight and often look for “quick fixes” as a result. Whether it’s fad diets that promise to help you lose weight in weeks, or spending hours each day at the gym, many people search for the secret to maintaining a healthy weight. You may not be aware, however, that using your spa can be an enjoyable way to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Your Hot Tub and Exercise Benefits

Simply sitting in your hot tub won’t help you burn too many calories; in fact, studies have shown that sitting in your spa will only burn 3% more calories than sitting on your couch. However, your spa can be an important factor in helping you to lose weight by helping with exercise recovery, improving your sleep patterns, blood flow, breathing, and perspiration.

For example, you use your spa for Yoga or even mild stretching, you can easily shed 100 calories during a 20-minute hot tub session! Neat, right?

Many suffer from issues stemming from their back, neck, shoulders, or hips. One of the great perks of sitting in your spa is that the warmth of the water will nicely prepare your muscles and connective tissues for stretching by relieving the pain you feel in your body. The buoyancy of the water also helps to reduce stress on your joints as you move around in your spa, allowing you to more effectively stretch and enjoy a full range of motion. You can perform a wide variety of exercises in your hot tub with numerous types of low-impact moves that promote heart health, flexibility, weight loss, muscle tone, and aid in injury prevention or rehabilitation!

Get Started with Simple Hot Tub Stretches

Below are 3 easy starter stretches to help your body warm up in your spa while also burning calories:

1. Core Stretch: A strong core can keep your lower back healthy and is vital for injury prevention! Start in a seated position or gripping the wall with both hands, face inward toward the center of your spa. Bring both knees into your chest, then fully extend your legs together and keeping your back straight. Perform three sets of 30 repetitions for a killer abdominal burn.

2. Leg Stretch: Start by standing on one leg in your spa, then bring one knee all the way to your chest. For a cardio burst, rapidly alternate raising and bending each leg in a high-knees running motion working against the resistance of the water in your Spa to really work your abs and legs. For extra stability, if needed, keep both hands on the wall of your Spa. Do three sets of 30 – 60 repetitions to really get the heart rate pumping.

3. Shoulder Stretch: Start by standing straight in the center of your spa or hot tub, then begin your workout with light shoulder rolls, forward and back. With the heat and water resistance from your Spa, this simple movement can help improve not only joint mobility but boost circulation to your, neck, torso, and shoulders as well. Try for three sets of 30 repetitions.

Not many things in life can claim to be both pleasurable and healthy and actually reign true. However, soaking in your spa and adding some stretches or yoga moves is an exception! Simply adding in some easy-to-do stretching not only makes you feel fantastic but can make your hot tub experience an important aid in your weight loss goals! Ready to get started? Call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545 or come visit our Noblesville showroom to find your perfect hot tub.

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