Why Use a Silver Sanitizer in Your Hot Tub?

If you’re a current hot tub owner, or considering becoming one, you know that keeping the water clean and chemical levels balanced is an important part of hot tub ownership. One particular product to consider for helping maintain proper levels and clean water is a silver sanitizer.

Benefits of a Silver Sanitizer for Your Hot Tub

Chlorine is the most popular sanitizer used in hot tubs because it is effective, but it can also be quite harsh, especially to those with sensitive skin. Adding a silver mineral cartridge to your filter reduces the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize the hot tub. You will still need to use some chlorine and shock, but in lesser amounts because the silver sanitizer system creates silver ions that inhibit bacteria growth.


A silver sanitizer is very quick and easy to install and will help keep your hot tub water clean and crystal clear for months. Simply drop the silver sanitizer cartridge into the filter area. The water will run through the filter and the cartridge and disperse positively charged silver minerals throughout the plumbing and surface areas. These silver minerals will kill bacteria on contact when combined with a chlorine sanitizer. If you spa is equipped with an ozone system a silver sanitizer will greatly enhance its performance.

It should also be noted that can only be used with a chlorine hot tub (and not a water clarifier or bromine system). If you combine a water clarifier with a silver sanitizer, cloudy water will be the result – and nobody wants that! Before purchasing a silver sanitizer check with your spa manufacturer to make sure that your spa is compatible with a silver cartridge and which cartridge they recommend you use on your model hot tub.

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2 thoughts on “Why Use a Silver Sanitizer in Your Hot Tub?”

  1. What is the best ppm for silver nanoparticles in spa or hot tub
    If Nano particles are combined with hydrogen peroxide will it decompose hydrogen peroxide or not

    1. Alicia Schilke

      Hi Ibrahimm,

      We would be more than happy to assist you if you’re able to provide the brand and model of your tub and what city and state the spa is installed in. Having this information will allow us to individualize our answer so that it suits your specific situation, as every climate and water makeup is different and is based on the region you live in.

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