Woodplay vs. CedarWorks Playsets

When shopping for a playset there are a few things to consider, including size, cost, options, and (of course) brand. As you research the different playset manufacturers, you’ll soon realize there are many options available on the market. This can be overwhelming and take the fun out of the purchase process. But don’t worry, as 25+ year veterans in the residential plasyet industry, Recreation Unlimited is here to help.

To prevent information overload, today we are going to compare only Woodplay and CedarWorks playsets (be sure to check out our comparison of Woodplay and Gorilla playsets as well).

Similarities Between Woodplay and CedarWorks

Both companies have a selection of different sizes, configurations, and price points to fit your family’s budget. The configurations will include playhouse forts, swing types, and a variety of slides to choose from. Both have premium playsets that are modular systems that allow you to design the set. Both Woodplay and CedarWorks offer solidly constructed sets made from natural wood that come with warranties (though the extent of the warranties differs).

Differences Between Woodplay and CedarWorks

Wood Types

Woodplay Playset With Monkey Bars

Woodplay and CedarWorks are natural wood playsets, but use different types of wood. Woodplay sets are available in either cedar and redwood. The cedar playsets are lower in cost and carry a limited 15 year warranty. Redwood is a stronger wood used in premium playsets that are available in larger sizes, so they carry a higher price tag but also include a limited Lifetime warranty. Both the redwood and cedar playsets are stained with a water-based stain, so no harsh chemical treatments are necessary.

CedarWorks playsets are made from northern white cedar wood, which is left unstained. It is a more expensive wood, but it is also stronger, naturally splinter free, available in larger dimensions, and carries a limited 10 year warranty.


There are many ways to construct wooden playsets, so it is important to know the quality of the construction. Various fasteners are used to join the different components of the playset. Neither Woodplay nor CedarWorks uses nails, which are the weakest connection form. Woodplay sets are engineered to be the most solid playset structures. They have triple joint construction, where large timbers are overlapped at the joints to secure 3 pieces of lumber together with 3 pieces of hardware. They also have notched angle braces with their wood-on-wood design to reduce the load on hardware and add structural support.

Wood Playset Joints

CedarWorks uses face mounted brackets with fasteners, along with additional support. Mortise and tenon is used: a mortise is a pocket carved into one of the pieces of wood and the tenon is a narrowed portion at the end of the other piece of wood that will form the joint. The tenon of one piece is inserted into the mortise of the other and then the tenon is secured into place with a fastener. In this type of construction the fastener does not bear any weight but rather serves to keep the tenon from pulling out.

Price Points

Woodplay’s playsets have a budget-friendly starting point of $700. CedarWorks sets start around $2500. The lower priced sets are fixed designs that cannot be modified. As mentioned previously, both brands have premium playsets that are modular systems that allow you to design and customize the set. The modular systems cost more, but can adapt to a wider age group of children. A typical mid-size playset will be around $4000, but the larger playsets can cost over $15,000.

Shopping Experience and Installation

Woodplay playsets are sold by trained authorized dealers, who provide installation by their team of trained installers. Having your playset installed by an experienced and skilled team ensures proper installation, and will save you hours of work and potential frustration. Another great advantage of Woodplay sets is the ability to visit your local showroom where you can see, and touch what you are purchasing in person before you buy it. CedarWorks only sells their playsets online direct, which means the purchase will be sight unseen. The responsibility of the installation will be the customer, which should also be taken into consideration.

Girl on Wood Playset

Both Woodplay and CedarWorks offer high quality playsets, each of which may appeal to a potential buyer for different reasons. Whether you still have questions or are ready to pick out your ideal playset, give us a call at (317) 773-3545 and we’ll be happy to help. Or better yet, visit our Noblesville showroom for a first-hand experience. We look forward to serving you!

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