Freshwater Salt Starter Package


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Save by purchasing your spa essentials as a bundle! The Freshwater Salt Starter Package comes with everything you need to get your Freshwater Salt compatible hot tub up and running with the Freshwater Salt system.

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The Freshwater Salt System is an innovative water sanitizing system that creates, soft, clean, and clear water that lasts up to a full year*. With just a bit of salt slowly added to your hot tub, the system goes to work generating chlorine automatically. It uses a disposable titanium cartridge that creates chlorine from salt, which is then and gently released into the water. This means less time measuring and pouring spa chemicals, and spend more time enjoying relaxing in your spa.

The Freshwater Salt Starter Package includes:

  • 1x Freshwater Salt System Start-Up Kit:
    • 1x FreshWater 5-way test strips
    • 1x Salt test strips
    • 1x 10 lb bag of salt
    • 1x FreshWater Salt System Cartridge
    • 1x Vanishing Act calcium remover
  • 1x On the Go Portable Water Softener – Dbl
  • 1x Chlorine Starter Package:
    • 1x FreshWater Chlorinating Granules 2 lbs
    • 1x FreshWater Stain and Scale Defense
    • 1x FreshWater pH Up/Alkalinity Up 1.25 lbs
    • 1x FreshWater pH Down/Alkalinity Down 1.5 lbs
    • 1x Leisure Time Metal Gon 16 oz
    • 1x FreshWater Defoamer 16 fl oz
    • 1x FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer 2.5 lbs
    • 1x FreshWater Phosphate Test Strips
    • 1x FreshWater Phosphate Remover 16oz

See individual products for use instructions.

*Many factors impact the life of the hot rub water, such as bather load and water chemistry. When these factors are accounted for and the spa is properly maintained, the FreshWater Salt System will keep water clean and clear for a full year.