Benefits of a Hot Tub Test Soak

What is a “Test Soak”?

One of the best parts of shopping for a new hot tub getting to “try before you buy”, and that is exactly what a test soak (or “wet test”) allows you to do. Purchasing a spa is a big decision with many factors to consider, and a wet test will make the final decision easier. At Recreation Unlimited, you can schedule a time to relax and try out several different hot tubs in our private wet test room. Call (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom to schedule an appointment.

The wet test experience will help you select the best spa for your family while giving you a better understanding of the features of the different models.

Considerations to Keep in Mind During Your Wet Test:

SPACE– If you did not include the entire family in the wet test, it is important to make sure the spa is not too big or too small.

SIZE – Besides the space needed for the family, the size of the spa will need to fit in the area where it is being installed. The foundation of the area will need to be able to support the weight of the spa when it is filled with water.

SEATING – In most spas the depth of the seats are multi-level, so move around and try each seat. The seats that best fit the taller members of the family, will not be accommodate the shorter members. The water depth needs to be over the shoulders, so on cold, snowy, and rainy days everyone is warm.

LOUNGE SEAT – It is important to test the lounge seat. It is a seat that some love, but other don’t because they float up. The lounge seat needs to be comfortable and fit, or it is just wasted space that is not used.
Test a Hot Tub in Indianapolis

FEET – Jets in the footwell will massage those tired feet, this is a feature not to overlook. Also, is there enough foot room for everyone?

JET PLACEMENT & TYPES – Pay attention to the placement and types of jets in the spa. A variety of jets will provide the different type of massages in different seats for different body parts. This is important if there are areas to focus on for relief, spots like the feet, calf, back, shoulders, neck, and wrist.

JET POWER – The power of the jets determines the tissue massage therapy. A deep powerful massage is not always needed, so the jets should adjust easily from a powerful to a soothing gentle massage. The controls should not only be easy to adjust, but within easy reach.

SPA NOISE – Your peace & quiet will be disrupted if the noise of the spa is irritating. Listen to the sound level when the water is just circulating, heating, filtering, and when the jets are running. These are factors to consider when selecting a spa, it will impact your peace of mind and possibly your neighbors. Noise can also determine the area which the spa is being installed; such as it may not be a good idea to have it set outside your bedroom.

SMELL OF THE WATER – During the wet test ask what chemicals are used in the spas. This may perhaps help to determine if you prefer chlorine, bromine, or another method of water care.

It is important to test more than one spa during the wet test, because initially every spa feels great but there are huge differences. The differences will be more noticeable as you experience the individual spa features. At the end of the wet test, ask any remaining questions you have before making the final decision.

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We invite you to come take a wet test at your convenience, but we do require you to schedule an appointment so we can ensure your privacy and room availability. Call us at (317) 773-3545 to schedule your appointment. Recreation Unlimited has been proudly serving the Indianapolis community for over 25 years, and we look forward to helping you and your family find the perfect hot tub!

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