Benefits of Roof Overhang on Sheds

One common shed feature that is too often overlooked is the roof overhang. The overhang protects exterior walls from debris and also helps prevent rain from running down the siding. Investing in an effective overhang will provide a safe surface for rain run-off, allowing the extra water to stay far away from the foundation of the shed, which could cause rot and other harmful deterioration to the building.

Not providing effective water runoff can result in water dripping into the window and door frames, which results in possible damage to your items that are housed inside.

Shed Overhangs Serve Multiple Purposes

Overhangs also serve as a shading tool for your building. When a building receives too much sun, it simply traps heat causing the structure to be an extremely unpleasant environment. Not providing adequate shade for your building can additionally cause the exterior paint to fade, even causing siding to become weak and brittle, resulting in premature siding failure that inevitably will cost you additional money for repairs.

By investing in an overhang, you are helping to ensure the longevity of your shed. Many times customer take hours to perfect small details and colors in their new structure, why not take the time to protect what you have already invested in? Do not make the mistake that many residential designers make by paying too little attention to overhangs and how they can benefit and protect your investment from mother nature.

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  1. I like how you said that an overhang provides some shade for your building. My wife and I are really wanting to get a good shed to take care of all our tools. Knowing that we have some shade would be really nice so things don’t get too warm.

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