Hot Tub for Arthritis

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Thinking about purchasing a hot tub? You might be surprised to learn that the benefits of owning one go far beyond just “fun” (which they are, of course!). A hot tub can actually improve your health in a number of ways. Spending just 20 minutes a day soaking in your tub will renew your entire body, starting with your well being and moving you into a positive state of mind. There are 4 core health points that your hot tub will help with: anxiety, stress, tension, and exercise.

Relieve Stress in Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Health Benefits
Feeling relaxed in today’s hectic world can be a challenge. The good news is, studies have shown that combining hot water with the massage of the jets can significantly decrease stress and anxiety. Stress can wreak havoc on one’s well being, and the body reacts to it in different ways. In some cases, the body responds by discharging hormones and increasing heart and breathing rates. Time in a hot tub decreases stress by promoting the flow of endorphins and improving circulation. This helps you relax, allows you to fall asleep more quickly, and it improves sleep quality.

Relief for Tense and Sore Muscles

Some people prefer the peacefulness of the hot water with the jets turned off, while others enjoy the hard pressure from the jets turned to high. Whatever your comfort level may be, the release of tension from tight muscles can make for a quick recovery by soaking in a tub. There are three primary reasons that muscles can become tight: during periods of extended inactivity, during exercise, and after exercise (according to Muscle tension can cause serious pain if left unattended, so its easy to see why a hot tub a wise investment for those prone to tight and sore muscles.

Hot Tubs – A Great Place to Exercise!

Another remarkable advantage of owning a hot tub is the environment it provides for exercise. Most hot tubs are deep enough to stand in and also offer ample room for excess movement. Stretching and loosening muscles is facilitated in a hot water environment, and the water resistance provides a unique and highly beneficial exercise experience. Some people even like to practice hot tub yoga, which we think is awesome!

A hot tub is a great investment for you and your family, and you’ll begin to experience the benefits as soon as you hop in. So, turn on those fiber-optic or LED lights, kick up the fountains, and let your hot tub be the focus for your backyard oasis. Take a mini-vacation every evening in your own backyard. Your outdoor haven awaits you

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